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CRM Jeopardy! – Top 5 Questions to Answer Before You Begin Your Search for a CRM Software System

I’m going out on a limb here and assume you’re all familiar with the TV game show Jeopardy! Created by Merv Griffin, it first aired in 1964. The daily syndicated version we’re all most familiar with premiered in 1984 and since its inception has featured Alex Trebek as host and Johnny Gilbert as announcer. Trebek […]

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Does Your CRM Provider Meet Your List of Requirements?

Whether you have chosen a customer relationship management (CRM) provider or are still in the research phase, your CRM provider should meet all of your expectations.  Together, as a team, you will be able to choose the right CRM software solution for your business today, and keep it working at optimal functionality long into the […]

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Remember Two Important Truths When Searching for CRM Software

A purchase of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a very valuable investment in the success of your company; which is all the more reason you take things slowly and deliberately. While researching CRM software, you need to take into consideration two important truths: 1. Know your business and 2. Know your expectations. Purchasing CRM […]

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Choose the Best CRM Software to Avoid CRM Shelfware

You are managing sales leads and opportunities on spreadsheets. You and your colleagues have all of your contacts stored individually in Outlook – or worse yet, in their Rolodex. Your teams’ sales pipeline reports come to your inbox in Excel files. You don’t know who your customers are and thusly are not collaborating with them […]

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Should you Customize your CRM Software? When Out-of-the-Box May be Just Right

Additional customizations to your software can mean big bucks, but in some cases it’s absolutely necessary.  How do you know if customizations are right for your CRM software? There are many powerful CRM software solutions available that can be successfully implemented right out-of-the-box, including Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.  Occasionally, businesses might require a little tweaking of […]

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We Live the Same Life As Our Clients, Because Microsoft Dynamics CRM is Our CRM Software System, Too

By Justin Languirand, Altico Advisors I was scrolling through some of our posts on the CRM and ERP Software Blogs and found one that our own President, Mike Kean wrote about an often overlooked software selection criteria.  Mike pointed out that none of the articles on software selection suggest that a prospect should find out if […]

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Talking CRM With Your IT Manager

When evaluating the technical implications of CRM deployment, remember that CRM is foremost a technology that can help propel your business, instead of a tool that dictates your business processes. Discuss with your IT manager the business value of CRM, and get vital input on the technical corollaries of CRM implementation. The IT manager is […]

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Talking CRM With Your Sales Manager

To ensure that sales representatives meet their objectives, your sales manager continually needs information from them about leads and active prospects. Here's how you can work with your sales manager to find out how CRM can best support sales goals.   Your sales manager's CRM priority: pursuing revenue The sales manager is focused on moving […]

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