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10 Questions to Ask a CRM Provider

A successful CRM system starts with understanding the processes that you want it to improve. For this analysis, it is important that someone at your company looks at your business operations as a whole. If such a person does not exist, then pay an outside expert or, better yet, find a CRM vendor who will […]

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5 Characteristics of Top Salespeople

Top-performing salespeople get more sales, cost effectively and in less time than their colleagues do. Top salespeople have five characteristics that set them apart from others. They: Set big goals that are challenging, motivational, achievable, measurable, and specific in terms of results and time. Envisioning their targets, they initiate their sales goals and quotas, rather […]

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Get the Most Out of Your Sales Pipeline

Sales managers often neglect their sales pipeline by not effectively managing it or using it to its full potential. The end result of this is that revenues decline. An article, "How Small Changes in Pipeline Management Make Big Changes in Top Line Revenues", By Chuck Schaeffer, provides some valuable ways to optimize  and manage your […]

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When You’re Ready for CRM, Get a Solution That Fits

Your customer relationships are a vital part of your business success.  Keeping track of customer details is an important part of providing long-term (and loyal) customers with what they want, when they want it.  A customer relationship management (CRM) solution can help you keep important customer details at your fingertips, as well as provide valuable insight […]

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How to Be Part of the 15% of CRM Users Who Are Satisfied

When you start a CRM implementation project, you count on reaping benefits from your people using the system to its fullest potential.  In order for people to adopt and use your solution, they need to be satisfied with it. According to researchers from Nucleus, only 15% of users of Sales Force Automation (SFA) CRM solutions […]

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3 Ways to Get Great ROI from Dynamics CRM

Before you invest in anything, you want to know that it’s going to be worth it.  CRM software is certainly no exception.  Fortunately, there are a few ways to feel secure that you will get a great ROI from implementing and using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your customer relationship management solution. Before you can feel […]

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Dynamics CRM and Office 365 Pack a Powerful Punch Together

We do a lot of talking about the power of Microsoft’s business management solutions, like their customer relationship management system, Dynamics CRM (  One of the reasons that Dynamics CRM can be such an asset to your organization is because of the way that it works with familiar Microsoft Office tools. Not only is Dynamics […]

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The Emergence of the Distributed Workforce

Business operations for many of today’s companies have spread far beyond the four walls of the ‘main office.’ Innovative strategies that leverage the latest technology have created a prolific trend toward small and medium-sized businesses with multiple locations and a widely-dispersed workforce. From remote employees who work in a home office to “road warrior” executives and […]

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Resellers Choose Microsoft CRM – Why You Should Care

When the 16,000 votes from over 500 resellers were counted, Microsoft Dynamics CRM was revealed to be the favorite CRM software solution in Canada, winning the eChannelNEWS’ Reseller Choice Award.  Why should this matter to you if you are looking for a CRM solution? Well, because resellers are CRM users ourselves.  Software resellers, regardless of […]

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Your Customers Are Empowered, Are You?

Now more than ever, new customers are coming to you knowing a good deal about your organization and capabilities.  This knowledge gives them the power to set their own expectations for you and how you will interact with them.  The best way to exceed these expectations is to empower yourself and your employees with knowledge […]

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