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Stoneridge Software's Logo Eliminate Scheduling Nightmares with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Do you have multiple employees and equipment that need to be scheduled at different times?  Do you have employees that work different shifts and find it difficult to schedule appointments […]

Sikich Boston's Logo Shift Your CRM Strategy From Reactive (= Damage Control) to Proactive (= Random Acts of Kindness)

By Justin Languirand, Altico Advisors Obviously, that’s a gross over-simplification.  If you read the entire article in the October issue of CRM (the magazine), you’ll see that there’s a lot […]

NextCorp, Ltd's Logo Power Up Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Getting the most out of your customer data and business information Customer relationships matter.  Period.  In an era of fast business transactions, immediate need gratification, and tight budgets, the relationship […]


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