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iCepts Technology Group, Inc.'s Logo Why Some CRM Initiatives Fail

CRM Systems today are becoming more in demand and viewed as a necessary business solution to effectively manage each lead that could result in revenue.   Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems […]

InfoGrow Corp's Logo How Does One Best Evaluate / Justify a CRM System Investment?

Most software ROI calculations are built off of two tenets: sell more or cut cost. The problem that most organizations run into is that they have no solid numbers to […]

Sikich Boston's Logo Rock, Paper, Scissors – There’s a Better Way to Choose a CRM System

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, if you threw out the acronym for Customer Relationship Management in a casual conversation, the look on your listeners’ faces was […]

Sikich Boston's Logo Evaluating And Selecting A World Class Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution

By Marcia Doron, Altico Advisors CRM 101:  How to select the right platform for your organization Many organizations have spent millions of dollars selecting and implementing CRM solutions over the […]

4 Reasons You’re Going Straight To “CRM Hell” And How To Get Back On The Right Path

Please, don’t go to CRM Hell.  It’s a very time consuming and expensive place to be.   Going to CRM Hell doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a grudgingly slow, very expensive and […]


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