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How to automate ALL your sales & marketing reports – No more digging through data!

If there’s one thing that’s critical for modern sales and marketing professionals, it’s data. Not just for everyday decision making, but for upper management, as well. After all, it’s not easy to secure a sufficient marketing budget if you have trouble piecing together the numbers to back it up. Anyone who works in the field […]

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CRM Word Templates- Grouping Report Data

Information is often easier to understand when it is divided into groups. For example, price quotation that groups products as different options or account statement that groups invoices by month. Grouping highlights the different options we offer and the amount the clients is due to pay for unpaid invoices for each month. In addition, when […]

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Dynamics Docs- Create Complex Reports and Documents Using Microsoft Word

Dynamics Docs provides Dynamics CRM users, who are familiar with Microsoft Word, to create documents with fields from CRM records inserted in paragraphs and tables in a Word document. Dynamics Docs template can be designed for any CRM Entity. Users can easily create templates for invoice, quote, order, opportunity or any customized entity.  Fields inserted […]

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Reports for Dynamics CRM- Don’t Let Your Boss Read this Post !

If you ever paid for Dynamics CRM reports, burn this Post before your boss reads it! Combine easy to write CRM Reports and auto delivering of reports with CRM Workflows, for only $49 per assigned user (min 7 users)   Reports provide useful business information to CRM users and clients. With Dynamics Docs, you don’t have […]

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How Do I Customize My Favorite Microsoft Dynamics CRM Report?

We love to customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM Report solutions here at Beringer. We’ve been working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since its inception, and we’re always finding innovative ways to implement the latest tools and help automate business processes. If you are looking for a CRM solution partner to help you with your CRM installation, make sure […]

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Quote with Optional Products and Services with Dynamics Docs for Dynamics CRM

One of the keys to great price proposal is providing options to your client. If you only give them one, they will perceive your proposal as a take it or leave it option. However, providing them options shifts the question from “do I purchase or not” to “do I purchase option 1 or option 2” […]

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Dynamics Docs VS Dynamics PDF

Dynamics CRM price quotation, order and invoice are an example to how CRM documents are produced using SQL Reporting Services. Most Dynamics CRM users find it difficult to attach such reports to an email, and find it even more difficult to redesign Dynamics CRM OOB reports. Adding business logo and extra details are the bare […]

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Dynamics CRM 2013 Online Quote Report

One of the features in Dynamics CRM Sales functionality is the seamless process that takes you from an Opportunity to creating a Quote and converting it to an Order and an invoice. Detailed and well-presented price quotation can win you the business. The generic quote report included in Dynamics CRM out of the box lacks […]

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Tips for Better Performing Microsoft Dynamics CRM SQL Reports in SSRS

For Dynamics CRM On-Premise, Microsoft SSRS-based reports can be developed either as SQL or FetchXML based reports.  SQL is the more common (old-school) style of report development and is probably more familiar with CRM report developers. There are a handful of common mistakes or traps that anyone writing CRM reports can fall into - and we've […]

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Making 3-Dimensional Charts in Dynamics CRM

With CRM 2011, dashboards and charts can be made on any entity, within minutes, to help you visually see what you want to see.  Do you want to improve the visual look even more by making your CRM Charts look like this? It’s so easy a non-techy person can do it! This process works for the existing […]

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