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How to automate ALL your sales & marketing reports – No more digging through data!

If there’s one thing that’s critical for modern sales and marketing professionals, it’s data. Not just for everyday decision making, but for upper management, as well. After all, it’s not easy to secure a sufficient marketing budget if you have trouble piecing together the numbers to back it up. Anyone who works in the field […]

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Reports for Dynamics CRM- Don’t Let Your Boss Read this Post !

If you ever paid for Dynamics CRM reports, burn this Post before your boss reads it! Combine easy to write CRM Reports and auto delivering of reports with CRM Workflows, for only $49 per assigned user (min 7 users)   Reports provide useful business information to CRM users and clients. With Dynamics Docs, you don’t have […]

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Email “Unpaid Invoice Reminder” with Dynamics CRM Workflow

Part of 360-degree customer view in any CRM system is the custome'r invoices and whether they are paid on time.  Dynamics Objects integrates between Dynamics CRM and ERP / Accounting software, and when a new invoice is raised or a customer’s payment is allocated to unpaid invoices, the Invoice record in CRM is updated and […]

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Dynamics Docs VS Dynamics PDF

Dynamics CRM price quotation, order and invoice are an example to how CRM documents are produced using SQL Reporting Services. Most Dynamics CRM users find it difficult to attach such reports to an email, and find it even more difficult to redesign Dynamics CRM OOB reports. Adding business logo and extra details are the bare […]

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Using SSRS To Show Dynamics CRM Business Unit Hierarchy Part 2

I recently wrote a blog on how to use SSRS to show the hierarchy of reports and their sub-reports .    I strongly recommend reading that blog first as that will show the mechanics of this exercise in more detail (I hope!).  I actually used that same SSRS report as a template for this business unit […]

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All In The Family: Using SSRS To Show The Report Hierarchy

A long, long time ago in a blog far away, I discussed how to report on reports using the FilteredReports entity.  Today’s blog takes that further in order to show how to use SSRS to show the relationships amongst parent reports and sub-reports using, gulp, recursion.  The intended audience for this blog is as follows: […]

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CRM Reporting Undocumented Feature Uncovered

Most who live in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM world, like Rockton Software, understand that there has been a large change with the functionality of reporting with CRM 2011 and CRM Online. Most of these changes being brought forth were to allow the custom reporting in CRM online. In order for Microsoft to make reporting happen for […]

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New Reporting Expressions in SQL Server 2008 R2 / Microsoft CRM – Tutorial

SSRS 2008 R2 (SQL Server Reporting Services) includes some new expressions which allow us to bring into one table values from another dataset based on the table’s current dataset fields. In other words, Lookup <fieldname> from <dataset2> where <fieldname><dataset1> = <fieldname><dataset2>. The LookUp function is based on a 1 to 1 relationship, bringing in one […]

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