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Velosio's Logo Strategies to Win the Battle Against Declining CRM User Adoption

The Gartner Group performed a study and found that nearly $20 billion is being spent on CRM. With so much money being invested within the CRM industry, why is it […]

Velosio's Logo Achieve Sales Analytics Success with CRM

When it comes to making a sale, it's important to understand the benefits of sales analytics.  Not only do these analytics help confirm the most likely sales opportunities, but they […]

Velosio's Logo CRM 2015 Bridges the Gaps between Sales, Marketing and Your Customer

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is widely known for its wide variety of tools that help you to reach consumers more effectively. Now, the advanced featured in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, has […]

Velosio's Logo Why CRM Fails - Don’t Blame the Software

The right customer relationship management (CRM) software can play a vital role in ensuring your business achieves goals faster and more reliably, especially today as the role of a typical […]

Velosio's Logo Buyers Involving Sales People Later in New Buying Cycle

It’s true when they say “the only constant in life is change.” This applies to every aspect of business including when it comes to your sales cycle. Consumers today have […]

Velosio's Logo Improve Your B2B Sales Cycle with CPQ

CPQ, or Configure/Price/Quote solutions, is a software that enables your sales channels to sell more, in larger quantities, and from virtually anywhere. CPQ solutions help sales operations within your organization […]

Velosio's Logo Don’t Get Left Out of the Loop – Get Into the New Sales Cycle

Now more than ever, the customer has the power in their buying cycle. With a limitless supply of information and digital media platforms available to them, they are empowered to […]

InfoGrow Corp's Logo For More Best Customers Tomorrow, Know Your Best Customers Today

Your best customers are the foundation of your current and future success. Knowing your best customers today can help you find and keep your next best customers tomorrow. This means […]

Velosio's Logo How Marketing Generates Revenue and ROI with CRM

Tracking campaigns, leads, and existing customers are hugely time-consuming tasks when a marketing manager does them manually. Slower campaign launches are inevitable, and the returns on investment usually fall short […]

InfoGrow Corp's Logo Better Business Decisions with Maps Inside CRM

Maps have always been important to us, they show us the way.  Mapping inside of Dynamics CRM goes a step further by showing your users the way to make better […]


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