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Grants Management Made Easy With Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We have mentioned Microsoft Dynamics CRM Accelerators before and how these free additions to your existing Dynamics CRM solution can serve specific business needs and make significant improvements to your  business. Recently, while working with a  government agency  one of our consultants was asked for a solution that would allow funding applicants and sub-recipients to […]

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Outlook Reminders Stopped Working / Missing / Gone. Help!!

A few of us at Customer Effective recently realized that our Outlook calendar reminders were missing. Regretfully for me, I realized the hard way by missing a phone call or two. I hadn’t realized how much I depended on the reminders. So hopefully to prevent some of you from missing an upcoming call or meeting I’ll outline […]

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Organize Your Marketing With The Right CRM Software

Being a Marketing Manager takes a lot of multitasking and running around – between Sales and Customer Service, every department needs a piece of you! Sometimes you juggle so many roles that targeted e-mails are sent out late or planning tasks fall off your radar. The right CRM system allows you to plan and track […]

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Running Microsoft CRM for Outlook in Multiple Windows

Many CRM users who have CRM for Outlook installed on their PC’s also open the CRM web client to browse CRM.  When asked why they do this, they often reply “because I don’t like to leave my inbox.”  They will use CRM for Outlook for tracking e-mails and appointments, and then open the web client […]

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Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Outlook Integration are the Keys to End User Adoption Among Project Managers

When implementing a new project management software solution, getting everyone in your organization to become accustomed to using it on a daily basis is one the main challenges faced by organizations in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industries. Cleaning and then migrating data, setting up the infrastructure, and training new users are all relatively […]

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MSCRM 4.0 Client for Outlook and Upgrade to CRM 2011

Upgrading to CRM 2011 can prove to be a challenge on its own. One major complicating factor can be getting all of your users with the CRM 4.0 Client for Outlook upgraded to the CRM 2011 Client for Outlook. The good news is that the CRM 4.0 Client for Outlook will connect to a CRM […]

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Microsoft CRMs Competitive Advantage vs.

On a recent call with investors, the CEO of took a shot at Microsoft Dynamics CRM, stating his belief that Microsoft “…offers customers no competitive advantage." With all due respect, that assessment could not be further from the truth. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers an array of things SalesForce does not. Just to name a few: […]

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Seamless Outlook Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 2011 has a lot of great new features, but my personal favorite is its seamless Outlook integration. I am like most of you out there and have my Outlook open all day, every day, no matter what project I’m working on. Its interface is easy to use and it keeps me on track […]

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4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering CRM Software

Whenever there is question about going forward with a new enterprise-wide application, I believe there are a few critical questions that have to be well thought out and answered in order to make the decision on whether or not to proceed. My questions come from each of the roles I perform at my job. The questions […]

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Does Your Outlook Inbox Have More Than 100 Emails in it? 200?

Are you too busy to read this message?  Do you have unanswered voicemails on your phone right now?  Let us help you change that.  Give us one hour of your time and take charge of your work day.  Join Sherwood Systems and Microsoft on August 17th or August 25th at 10:00am PST for a FREE […]

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