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Dynamics365 App for Outlook Webinar

    Most business users respond to emails all day long. Oftentimes these emails dictate which tasks you focus on and help you to prioritize the tasks you need to work on. The main way you communicate with your customers and coworkers is email, so doesn't it make sense that your email would be integrated […]

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Dynamics CRM 2015 Outlook Client: The Top 5 Reasons to Roll it Out Today

Dynamics CRM 2015 essentially comes in three different user interfaces: the CRM web, the Outlook Client and the CRM mobile app.  The user’s experience is highly dependent on how they choose to access their CRM data.  At AKA, we spend a lot of time considering how to best configure the user experience within these different […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Easily Adapts to Support Specific Business Needs

AKA Enterprise Solutions’ media team recently finished a project where we moved a publisher of specialized industry news and information – mostly insurance and legal works – off of and onto Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Online. The publisher’s three main divisions were all using with mixed reviews. The system was not geared toward […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. Comparison – Outlook Integration Part 2

This is the second blog in a two part series comparing integration and Dynamics CRM integration with Microsoft Outlook (first post can be found here). Both configurations of CRM software provide an Outlook integration for their clients, but the specific features, while at first glance seem pretty similar, have very different functions and approaches. […]

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CRM Outlook Client – Best Practice for Add-In and SQL Server

We had a challenge at a client which I wanted to share so that this challenge, which could have been difficult to resolve, does not happen during a future rollout.  The client spent a substantial amount of time creating scripts that would automatically install and configure the Outlook client on the user’s machines. Since most […]

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Which Fields Synch from CRM to Outlook Contacts?

CRM to Outlook Contact Synching is one of the most used features of the application, but there are some surprises when you get into the details of the contact synchronization process. If an organization works to consolidate their contacts into CRM, occasionally multiple users will wind up synching the same contact locally. It’s important to […]

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Email Doesn’t Need to be Rocket Science with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

If you work in Outlook all day, every day, then you’re probably in the majority. In the corporate world, email is the way we communicate, get projects done, and ultimately run our businesess as efficiently as possible. You’re probably also very comfortable in Outlook if you’re in there all day. Adding a system to this […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Outlook: 5 Functions Everybody Should Use

My experience in the world of CRM has taught me that many companies using a CRM system do not necessarily use it to its fullest potential.  Here’s the essence of an article that was recently posted on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM site highlighting suggestions for making the best use of functionality that is available right […]

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Cannot Authenticate Your Credentials; Error When Configuring Microsoft CRM 2011 for Outlook

A user recently reported that when she was trying to configure Microsoft CRM for Outlook to her CRM Online environment, she would get the following error: I’ve seen the “Cannot connect to server” error before, but this one was a little bit different because it said it “cannot authenticate credentials.”  She could log on to […]

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