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Pourquoi vous devriez intégrer votre système financier à Microsoft Dynamics CRM: du point de vue d’un directeur informatique

Par le passé, les entreprises optaient pour les meilleurs progiciels sur le marché, indépendamment de la marque, ou développaient des applications maison afin de répondre à leurs besoins de relation client et d’opérations. Comme ces systèmes deviennent désuets et obsolètes, les directeurs informatiques recherchent maintenant de nouvelles solutions pour mieux réunir leurs différentes bases de […]

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Why You Should Integrate Your Financial System to Microsoft Dynamics CRM: From an IT Director Perspective

In the past, firms have looked for the best of breed solutions or developed in-house applications in order to meet their customer relationship and operational needs. As these systems that were originally developed are now starting to become outdated and obsolete, IT Directors are looking for new solutions to more easily bring together all of […]

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Pourquoi vous devriez intégrer votre système financier à Microsoft Dynamics CRM

La dernière tendance que l’on peut constater avec les systèmes de gestion est que les entreprises recherchent de nouveaux moyens de regrouper et d’intégrer toutes leurs informations en un seul endroit. Traditionnellement, les intégrations étaient encombrantes, coûteuses à maintenir et ne faisaient que pousser l’information d’un système à un autre. Désormais, les entreprises veulent aller […]

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Why You Should Integrate Your Financial System with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The latest trend that we are seeing in management systems is that companies are looking for new ways to bring together and integrate all of their information into one place. Traditionally, there have been bulky integrations too costly to maintain and that were pushing information from one system to another. Now companies are looking to […]

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10 Mistakes with CRM Deployments

Today's CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is better than yesterday's because: (a) CRM systems can now deliver greater productivity returns and (b) vendors' software usability is much improved. These advancements (and others) mean less time and lower costs to implement a CRM system. And the more people in a given company who use a CRM system […]

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CRM Integration: 4 Ways to Make an Impact

The buzz surrounding business system integration has grown to a roar. Companies of all sizes and from every industry are looking for ways to bring their data together and take advantage of the many benefits that integrated data systems can offer. Here are just a few ways CRM can be integrated across your organization: ERP/Financial […]

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3 New Pricing Options for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

“In embracing change, entrepreneurs ensure social and economic stability.” – George Gilder   Microsoft recently made an announcement that they will be launching new pricing options for CRM online that will be released fall 2013. The new Microsoft Dynamics CRM release will help people connect with customers in a way that is “personal” said Bob […]

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THE CRM TRIO: CRM Integration, CRM Customization, CRM Automation

CRM is a great tool for all sorts of business types and can be integrated, customized, and automated to meet a variety of challenges.  We call it the CRM Trio.  For example, we’ve integrated with shipping solutions like and VISCO, e-commerce sites like and Volusion, distribution and warehouse software, and an assortment of […]

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The Ups and Downs of Elevator Contracting

The elevators that you service may only go in two directions, but your business activities can go every which way.  Gain both control and insight over your elevator contract business with a solution that can keep you heading in the right direction – FieldBoss®. Elevator contracting is a unique niche business and requires a unique […]

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Take the Guesswork out of Marketing with MarketingPilot and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Late last year, Microsoft announced the acquisition of MarketingPilot. If you’re not familiar with it, MarketingPilot is a company that’s made a name for itself in the marketing automation industry, having been called the “mid-range market leader” by research firm, Gartner.  Its integrated marketing service provides insight from the customer perspective to help marketers strategize […]

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