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Inogic's Logo New Dynamics 365 integration with SharePoint update - Create custom folder structures and manage multiple folders for activity entities

Organizations often look for seamlessly integrating SharePoint and Dynamics 365 which enhances document security and data management. This is where SharePoint Security Sync comes into play, providing a convenient solution […]

Aha Apps's Logo The Business Benefits of Dynamics 365 and SharePoint Integration

With changing innovation scene and the requirements of today’s clients, a venture calls for better work process management, closer coordinated effort among the teams, and tools to automate and drive […]

Connecting Software's Logo What Happens When You Combine Microsoft Teams With Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Teams has become more and more popular. It has grown from 13 million daily active users in July 2019 to 20 million in November 2019. This growth made Teams […]

Connecting Software's Logo Segurança de documentos - Dynamics 365 e SharePoint

Atualmente, um dos principais sistemas de CRM é o Microsoft Dynamics 365. No entanto, o espaço disponibilizado pelo Dynamics 365 para documentos não é suficiente para muitas empresas. Uma opção […]

Dynamics Objects's Logo Dynamics CRM Workflows to Upload Documents to SharePoint

In this post I wish to demonstrate two workflows to automate the upload of documents from Notes to SharePoint, with metadata from the regarding entity to the note, and a […]

Dynamics Objects's Logo Dynamics SharePoint Organization (SPO) Configuration Explained

Dynamics SharePoint Organizer (SPO) is the product you need to manage how documents are uploaded from CRM to SharePoint, the file structure and folders names where documents are saved, and […]

Dynamics Objects's Logo New Product -- SharePoint Connector to Dynamics 365

SharePoint Connector to Dynamics 365 We are excited to release SP2CRM Connector, an additional product in serious of tools aiming to improve Dynamics CRM integration with SharePoint. With SP2CRM Connector, […]

Dynamics Objects's Logo Can a Librarian Manage Library with No Classification System

No, you are not wrong. This article is about Dynamics CRM and SharePoint. The metaphor of librarian managing library with no classification system is best describing the poor out-of-box feature […]

Dynamics Objects's Logo PDF "Word Template" to DocuSign & upload to SharePoint with Workflow

Great new feature just added to Dynamics PDF-Docs to automate full E-Signature process with DocuSign. Document is generated in CRM using Word Template One click to PDF the document and […]

Dynamics Objects's Logo Working together to improve Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Integration

“CRM is from Mars, SharePoint is from Venus” (read more) was our trigger to developing CRM add-on solution (Dynamics SPO) to improve the integration between CRM and SharePoint. With Dynamics […]


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