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Implementing Dynamics 365 at a Small Business – a Blueprint

enCloud9 specializes in working with small to midsized businesses to implement Dynamics 365 in their organization. We shy away from cookie cutter projects and instead work with the client to make Dynamics 365 work with the client's business in the most effective way possible. So even though each project is unique, they all have a certain […]

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7 Reasons to Implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Perhaps you are outgrowing your current CRM solution, or you're planning to implement a new CRM system that will help you achieve your growth targets. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is a leading cloud application that is seeing tremendous growth with sustained double digit and even treble digit growth reported in its customer base each year. […]

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Quoi prendre en considération avant de débuter l’implantation de Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Un des plus grands défis lors de l’implantation d’un système CRM est son adoption par les utilisateurs. Votre entreprise a investi beaucoup de temps et d’argent pour acquérir cette solution, et il en dépend maintenant des équipes de projet et de direction d’assurer que ce changement soit perçu de manière positive pour que les utilisateurs […]

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What to Think About Before Going Live With Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation

One of the biggest hurdles when implementing a CRM system is user adoption. Your company has invested a significant amount of time and money to acquire a CRM system, and it is now up to the CRM project and executive teams to ensure that this change is viewed in a positive light and that the […]

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Implementing CRM – 7 Tips and Tricks that Will Save Your Project

Tips & Tricks to Implementing CRM 52% of all CRM projects fail to meet customer expectations. We often hear that a CRM system is a key investment companies make to enable and measure the success of marketing campaigns and to boost sales performance.  But does it really work?  Research shows that CRM implementations often under deliver.  […]

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CRM Systems: If You Build It, Will They Use It? [Download CRM User Adoption Guide]

Organisations pour tremendous amounts of time, resources and money into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems with high expectations of increased sales, better customer service and improved operating efficiency. Leading CRM solutions like Microsoft Dynamics deliver on those goals – but only if one key component is accomplished: user adoption. Ask yourself these two questions:   How […]

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Sales Process Mapping – Key to a Successful New Year?

I often see businesses run out to purchase a CRM system with the expectation that the system will provide them with “Best Practices” for their sales team.  Although a good CRM system can provide you a structure for your sales process and give management vision into how process is working, it will not dictate what […]

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7 Steps for Choosing the Right Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

Choosing Microsoft is the easy part. Choosing the best technology partner to implement and support your CRM solution is a lot like choosing a good surgeon. They each have the same end game, but the approaches they take to get there can vary quite a bit. With best practices established in every industry, one might […]

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How to Scope a Successful CRM Strategy for 2014

Over the last 4 or 5 years there has been a dramatic shift in the CRM arena due to the explosion of the cloud.  But do companies truly understand the impact of CRM and how it can revolutionize their business? Implementing a CRM strategy will have far-reaching implications across any organisation, from back office functions […]

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10 Questions to Ask a CRM Provider

A successful CRM system starts with understanding the processes that you want it to improve. For this analysis, it is important that someone at your company looks at your business operations as a whole. If such a person does not exist, then pay an outside expert or, better yet, find a CRM vendor who will […]

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