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Better Business Decisions with Maps Inside CRM

Maps have always been important to us, they show us the way.  Mapping inside of Dynamics CRM goes a step further by showing your users the way to make better business decisions.  Sales reps will know who they should be calling next and marketers will have a better understanding of who to target – making […]

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Leverage Your CRM for Success – Monthly Executive Series

Running a business is about more than just surviving – it is about succeeding.  For many organizations, Dynamics CRM has not been seen as a useful tool in that effort.  InfoGrow intends on changing that view starting from the top. You invested in Dynamics CRM so it would become one of the primary tools that […]

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Is an Integrated Marketing Automation and CRM System Right for You?

Marketing Automation software serves a company's marketing department beyond what a CRM system does, and a CRM system serves sales and other departments. When integrated, Marketing Automation and CRM tools enhance each other, resulting in even more and better-qualified leads and, ultimately, more sales and satisfied customers. If you have one of these productivity tools, […]

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Why CRM Gets a Bad Reputation

A successful CRM system starts with an understanding of the processes you want to improve. Automation, such as CRM, won't fix an inefficient process. For this analysis, it is important that someone at your company looks at your business operation as a whole. If such a person doesn’t exist, then pay an outside expert or, […]

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Forgetting CRM Software is Like Forgetting the Turkey on Thanksgiving

Every year our phones start ringing the Monday after Thanksgiving. The message - can you help us pull together our data for getting out our holiday cards? Over the years I have come to believe that this question is the single-best indicator of how much an organization needs CRM. As companies pass around Excel files trying […]

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13 Reasons Why You May Not Need CRM

Most everyone in marketing, sales, and customer service is aware of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Many CEO's managers, and salespeople are reaping CRM's benefits -- increased profits, lower costs, and loyal, satisfied customers. Others, however, are undecided or they think (hope) that their marketing and sales processes are okay. If you are among those who […]

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Webinar – Tips and Techniques to Better Utilize Advanced Find in Dynamics CRM

Are you looking for more details of how you can better utilize the Advanced Find function in Dynamics CRM? Then invest one hour and attend our Advanced Find Best Practices and Tips/Techniques webinar on May 15 at 12:00 p.m. ET. You’ll learn the basics as well as some more advanced capabilities of the tool. As […]

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