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A Distribution Client’s Video Testimonial About Microsoft Dynamics CRM Is Worth How Many Thousands of Words?

Clarke Distribution Corp is a distributor of high end kitchen appliances, the most amazing appliances I’ve ever seen in the most gorgeous kitchens I’ve ever seen! You can take a tour of their showroom on the Clarke Web site. Anyway, they agreed to be part of our initiative to collect a variety of client videos […]

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Effective Customer Segmentation Helps Move Sales Quickly Through Cycle

I was invited on-site to meet with a new client's marketing department and hear about their challenges with customer segmentation.  They are an international distribution company, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They have two challenges with customer segmentation: How do they identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities within their existing customer base? How do they identify […]

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Wholesaler/Retailer Chooses Microsoft Dynamics CRM Over

A decorative stone wholesaler/retailer out of Michigan has several different businesses under one umbrella of operations. They have a landscaping company, stone company,  and a retail store for their products. For their landscaping and stone companies, everything is project based and they needed a better way to manage their jobs along with the paperwork involved. They were […]

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CRM Helps Improve Processes for Manufacturers and Wholesale Distribution Companies

I was reading through RSM’s latest Manufacturers and Wholesale Distribution (MWD) National Survey and one of the questions really intrigued me.  We asked companies what processes they were looking to improve in 2010.  The top five responses were Supplier Relationship Management (76%), Customer Relationship Management (64%), Manufacturing Flow (53%), Order Fulfillment (51%), and Customer Service […]

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