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How an embedded PowerApp enables faster sales quoting

Creating sales opportunity in Dynamics 365 which involve multiple products can prove repetitive and time-consuming. That's because default controls force users to select one product at a time. For busy sales professionals creating multi-line quotes this is a drawn-out process. Thanks to the Microsoft Power Platform, flexible solutions have emerged to save time and create […]

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What Does Your Sales Team Know?

The phone call started like this— Caller: "Hi Ken, I'm <her name is redacted to protect the innocent> and I'm your new account executive. Do you have a minute? I want to share with you all the great new stuff we have going on this year." Sound familiar? This call was from a local sports team and […]

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Three Reasons CRM Software Should Be On Your Wish List

More and more businesses are planning to implement customer relationship management (CRM) software this year according to a recent Gartner survey ( Reasons for using CRM solutions point to the need to find new prospects and generate loyalty with existing customers.  According to Gartner, mobility is another driving factor for CRM spending.  This survey finding […]

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How to Increase Your Company’s Selling Power

Do you wish you could hire more salespeople, but can't afford it? How about giving the salespeople you have the tools that will make their jobs a little easier? One such tool that can help with this is a customer relationship management system, in particular Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Its wide array of capabilities allows your […]

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CRM And Sales Force Automation: It’s A Marriage That Starts With A Sales Strategy.

Through the years I’ve come to appreciate the tremendous impact CRM technology can have on sales operations, but most importantly on the organization as a whole.  No matter what your business or industry - you are selling the value your organization brings to the markets you serve.  How effectively you do this will directly impact your bottom line.  […]

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