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Free Webcast: Dynamics CRM Online (CRMOL):

NexusTek's Webcast Series Q4 2016 Join NexusTek’s Dynamics CRM experts, Chris Corbett and Kathryn Lanpher Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 10am (MDT) Join the discussion as our experts demonstrate how Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (CRMOL) and Office 365 form a powerful tool to seamlessly connect information with the people and processes inside your business. Register Here! […]

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Release of Inventory Module Rivals Star Wars: Episode VII Debut

As much of the world awaits the highly anticipated release of the latest Star Wars movie, in a galaxy far, far away, the Rockton Connect team has been working on a masterpiece of their own. Set to hit the computer screen in late December, the new Rockton Connect Inventory Module comes complete with all the […]

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Small Business Customer Relationship Management Software: What You Need To Know

Small business owners keep asking the same question: “Do I really need a customer relationship management system?” Organizations with small budgets often see CRM as a luxury item. A key to business success is relationship management. It seems almost too obvious, doesn’t it? Relationship management finds customers, understands customer behavior, communicates and stays in touch […]

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10 Reasons CRM Software is the Key to SMB Revenue Control

Customer Relationship Management software has been the rage for over ten years.  Starting with the enterprise, CRM has now been adopted across the entire spectrum of business – including small and medium businesses. For the small and medium business, CRM is a key to revenue control.  Why is this? 1.     Automated Website Lead Capture:  While […]

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