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Aha Apps's Logo 10 Benefits of Integrating Outlook with Dynamics 365 for an SMB

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the foremost customer relationship management tools owing to its flexible, scalable, and comprehensive features. One of the best traits of Dynamics 365 is its […]

Aha Apps's Logo The Collaboration of Sales and Marketing for a Successful SMB Goal

The sales and marketing departments of a small and mid-sized (SMB) organization are responsible for different parts of the customer journey. Generally speaking, marketing focuses on attracting potential customers, while […]

Aha Apps's Logo How does CRM help sales in an SMB segment?

By Mohona Dutta | Reading time 5 minutes It is an interesting time in the business world. From the quaint little mom-and-pop shops down the lane to the glitzy unicorn […]


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