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How to Remove Contract Management Roadblocks Inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Contract management plays a vital role in business operations. Contracts dictate business strategies and relationships between organizations and vendors. During the sales process, a considerable amount of time is spent ensuring contracts reflect corporate policies, fulfillment capabilities, regulatory requirements, and financial interests.  An efficient contract management process ensures contracts are created, negotiated, approved, and carried […]

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Dynamics CRM Performance: Nothing is Gained by Running

A CRM project is a strategic initiative whose many impacts will benefit the entire organization. An analysis by Mark Ellwood, from Pace Productivity, reveals that sales professionals generally spend less than a quarter of their time on their sales activities since they are too busy with administrative tasks, meetings, order processing and other activities. A […]

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Get More Done in Less Time with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and Cortana

Because professionals are busier than ever these days, many of us are constantly searching for tools to help us multitask. If you can relate, there is one new feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 that you should know about: integration with Microsoft's digital personal assistant Cortana. First introduced on Microsoft's Xbox gaming system and included […]

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35 Examples How Dynamics CRM Benefits Sales Teams

Achieving Growth Targets 1. Goal Management Sales teams need to know how they’re performing in comparison to their sales goals. Are they on track? If not, how much is the shortfall? Microsoft Dynamics CRM benchmarks performances against key sales performance indicators to inform sales directors, managers and other sales professionals with easy to follow charts […]

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Identify Opportunities for Staff Performance Improvement with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Time and time again, firms voice the desire to deploy CRM to attain a more unified and 360-degree view of their clients and prospects, to collaborate and deliver more consistent service levels, and ultimately improve financial and business performance. Without real-time access to centralized, holistic, and accurate customer data in a leading CRM platform, such […]

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