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Email to SharePoint 2 upload Documents

We are pleased to release Dynamics SPO- SharePoint Organizer. Dynamics SPO has two functions. In this post we describe the Email to SharePoint functionality. The other function is an improvement on the CRM out of box integration with SharePoint (Read more about: #CRMfromMarsSPfromVenus ) Consider an organization selling IT projects or any organization that needs […]

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Deliver Projects On-Time & On-Budget with Microsoft Dynamics

Natively integrated within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Project Service brings people, processes and technology together empowering teams to complete projects on time and on budget. Here are 7 examples that demonstrate how organisations accelerate professional services maturity and reap the financial benefits of an integrated project service solution: 1. Propose Profitable Projects Work out sales estimates […]

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What is the First Application You Open to Start Your Work Day?

Ok, Facebook doesn’t count here. Most people when asked will tell you that the first application they open is email. Besides being our vehicle for keeping in touch, updated and informed on a personal level, email in the workplace is also a powerful tool. When we surveyed over 150 people via our Linkedin page, particularly […]

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Is Technology the Enemy or Are We Just Not Using It Well?

“Technology can be a blessing or a curse.” Have you heard that phrase? Do you relate to it? Technology is all well and good when it makes our lives easier and more productive. But when things go wrong we want to tear our hair out and scream at our computer screens. As a company building […]

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5 Benefits of Project Management Software for Your Business

If yours is an engineering or construction business, you know how important your project management software is to your success. If you are engaged in these businesses and are just now investigating project management software, IPM Global can help. Here are 5 reasons IPM Global Project Management Software will benefit your project based business: Powered […]

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Project Management: How to Choose a Solution

Project management tools can be a real boon for project managers, but only if they are the right tools for the project. Some tools lack critical features necessary for collaboration while others are built precisely for long-term integrative projects involving various teams. The best project management software allows you to manage your projects efficiently while […]

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CRM Project Management Methodologies: Which One is the Best?

While there are numerous methodologies that can be used to manage a CRM project, such as Waterfall, Scrum, Agile, Sure Step, and Kanban, they all share common goals: Reducing risk Ensuring return on investment (ROI) Driving change The core difference is in the approach. Many solution providers have developed their own CRM software implementation methodology […]

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Are QSE (Quality Safety and Environment) Registers Integral to your Project Management Process?

To simplify complex management systems and make them more effective, you should consider integrating quality, safety and environment (QSE) into your company’s main Project Management (PM) process. Here’s why: A company’s core PM (Project Management ) process is indispensible for tracking and managing key phases of your project. A QSE (Quality, Safety and Environment) process […]

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Clean up Your Messy Desk with an IPM Global Project Management Solution

Do you still believe the old saw that a messy desk is a sign of productivity? Maybe it’s time to rethink that outdated concept and clean up that workspace once and for all. In times past, a cluttered workspace may have been unavoidable.  Architects and engineers alone with their slide rules, drafting tools and mountains […]

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Project Management to Mitigate Construction Legislation Risk

The Construction industry is by nature rife with risk; there is always danger of some sort of mistake, equipment liability or catastrophic injury. This is true on construction projects large and small. An added risk exists if local governments make changes to their legislation and the changes are not picked up on right away by […]

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