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3 Features to Look for in the Best CRMs for Nonprofits

As a nonprofit leader, your mission is unique, attracting a loyal member base. The people who join your organization are your lifeblood – they share a passion for your purpose, and they contribute their resources to help you accomplish it. Because past involvement with a nonprofit is the best indicator of future involvement, growing your […]

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Technology is Changing the Way Nonprofits Do Business

Technology is changing the world around us – sometimes in subtle ways and sometimes in very dramatic ways. Consumer behavior is changing, companies are figuring out how to best use the latest technology to sell products and services and improve brand loyalty. It’s no different for nonprofits. Technology is causing an ongoing transformation in the […]

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CRM for Associations: Collaborate, Retain, Manage

There are endless resources available that detail the reasons why Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the right solution for so many membership-based organizations. Streamline this, automate that. But at some point it begins to sound redundant. While it is true that CRM does help organizations in those areas, most associations miss the mark on what CRM […]

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Top 3 Ways Nonprofits Benefit from a CRM System

I’ll admit it. Nonprofits are my passion. Maybe it’s my tendency to vote for the underdog, or a naive dream to make the world a better place, or maybe I simply love the chaotic environment and the excitement that embodies many nonprofits. Whatever the reason, I want them to succeed. If you’re reading this and […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Not-for-Profits Just Got Better!

There’s no doubt about it, the not-for-profit world is different from the corporate world. Instead of making sales calls, employees or volunteers request donations and push to increase memberships. Not-for-profits need to focus on keeping all of their relationships strong while tracking monetary donations against monthly costs. They obviously still need to be mindful of […]

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Managing Nonprofit Constituent Relationships

Nonprofit organizations today exist to serve their “Constituents”, which generally fall into two groups: “Recipients”, who are the beneficiaries of the services provided by the nonprofit organization, and “Supporters”, who are those that invest their time and treasure so the nonprofit may succeed in its mission. Managing complex relationships with members of each group and […]

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