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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Brings You the Cloud for Less

The much anticipated Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is here and available to power your cloud.  And, for a limited time, Microsoft is offering special pricing to bring you the cloud for less - get $200 for each Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online User Subscription licenses you acquire through May 28, 2011. This is a great deal for […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is Finally Here…Now What?

Product launches are exciting times, but sometimes the hype has a negative effect on something that requires action. Some of you may have already been introduced to the great new features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, but what do you do with this information? What is your call to action? First, you need to answer the […]

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Unleashing the Marketing Power of Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Part 2: Feeding the Sales Pipeline and Tracking Marketing Results

“What were the results of our last email campaign?” “Why should your marketing budget be increased?” “Where are all my leads?” If you’re in the marketing world, it’s likely that you have heard these questions on more than one occasion, and maybe you’ve struggled with your response. However, my hope is that after reading this, […]

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The Different Spectrums of Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics® CRM has come a long way since its early days. Sure, it’s a great customer management tool and everyone knows it. But what many of you don’t realize is that it can now do so much more. Check out the different spectrums of Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Sales: Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you see […]

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Talking CRM with your Marketing Manager

To effectively design compelling marketing campaigns that present new products and services to customers and new prospects, your marketing manager needs powerful, easy-to-use tools with which to analyze your customer and lead base. He or she then needs a way to quickly and easily pull together targeted lists, launch campaigns, track results, perform follow-up, and […]

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Closed Loop Marketing Reports in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

By Allen Hardon, CRM Practice Consultant  I can imagine that in this economy you might want to turn up your marketing efforts to attract new leads that could turn into long term customers. How about if I told you that you could… Design marketing plans with a budget and estimated revenue projections? Create planning tasks […]

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Keeping Track Of Customers: Key To SMB Profitability

In the rush for revenue, businesses often forget the customer.  The focus is on the invoice or transaction and the time it takes, instead of the relationship and ‘lifetime’ opportunity of a particular customer.  Such behavior can lead to poor business predictability, lowered customer loyalty and satisfaction, and (ultimately) lowered profitability. Businesses of all sizes, […]

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