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New Features in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring 2014 Release

Focusing on the customer, check. Continuing to enhance cloud computing software, check. Working with industry leaders to enhance social and mobile functionality, check. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is undergoing many changes that keep the software at the helm of CRM solutions while continuing to win top industry awards. The spring wave of updates is a promising […]

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Retain Customers with CRM2Emails and Constant Contact

We are very excited to announce the release of the updated CRM2Emails. CRM2Emails offers organizations that use Microsoft Dynamics CRM the opportunity to have seamless Email Marketing capabilities.  CRM2Emails is designed specifically to work with Constant Contact®, a recognized leader in Email Marketing. “The update of CRM2Emails continues to bridge the gap between Constant Contact […]

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Dynamically Updated Marketing Lists in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Are Pure Magic!

List management used to be a chore. It was like a ball and chain around the ankle of every marketer. Now it’s pure magic, except that you don’t even have to wave a magic wand or twitch your nose like Samantha in the old TV sitcom Bewitched. It just happens automatically. I’m talking about dynamically […]

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Everything Your Sales and Marketing Teams Need to Get Started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Earlier this month, I wrote a blog post that shared a variety of general videos and ebooks to help you get started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.  If you missed it, you can view it here.  Now, I’d like to follow that blog up with some Dynamics CRM 2013 resources that are specific to the […]

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Marketing Automation with Dynamics CRM and SilverPop: Intro Q&A

When it comes to Marketing Automation, there are a lot of great solutions out on the market to consider. Customer Effective has worked closely with Silverpop. Silverpop is a digital marketing technology provider that offers two marketing automation solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers, CoreMotives (thru acquisition) and Engage.  CoreMotives is embedded within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, leveraging the […]

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Take the Guesswork out of Marketing with MarketingPilot and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Late last year, Microsoft announced the acquisition of MarketingPilot. If you’re not familiar with it, MarketingPilot is a company that’s made a name for itself in the marketing automation industry, having been called the “mid-range market leader” by research firm, Gartner.  Its integrated marketing service provides insight from the customer perspective to help marketers strategize […]

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Targeted Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

What’s better than a marketing campaign with all the bells and whistles?  A marketing campaign with all the bells and whistles that’s targeted to a segmented audience who actually wants to hear what you have to say.  No, it’s not a tall order, it’s exactly what Microsoft Dynamics® CRM can provide – a sharp, effective, […]

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When One More Spreadsheet is One Too Many: Connecting Fragmented Departments with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We recently completed a  Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 2011 XRM project with a supplemental educational services (SES) provider who helps students do better in school through online tutoring. They currently serve over 9,000 students and are approved in 33 states. In order to get approved in each district and extend their reach helping students, they need […]

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Five Ways Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software Drives Lead Generation

The consumer environment is changing dramatically. Consumers are constantly bombarded with marketing and sales messages so much so that they tend to ignore most, if not all, of what is out there. Marketers in turn, need to address this and catch their attention…but how? Although CRM is great for your existing customer relationships, it’s also a […]

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Effective Customer Segmentation Helps Move Sales Quickly Through Cycle

I was invited on-site to meet with a new client's marketing department and hear about their challenges with customer segmentation.  They are an international distribution company, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They have two challenges with customer segmentation: How do they identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities within their existing customer base? How do they identify […]

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