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Expectations Are Set When Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The number one key to effective communications is clear expectations. One way to certain demise with your customers is to fib about what you can provide and when you can provide it. Some of us know this the hard way, but it’s never too late to turn that communication downward spiral into a concise sale […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Industry Specific Solution

An employee benefit consulting firm servicing midsized businesses with 50 to 1,000 employees selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM to support their customer service operations.  Customer service is what sets this benefits administrator apart. They had been using a propriety system written in Microsoft Access, managing activity in Microsoft Outlook’s Saved Folders, and saving plan details to […]

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Talking CRM With Your Service Manager

If your organization has to schedule resources of any kind—people, equipment, vehicles, buildings, and so forth—it's a daily chore of your service manager to make sure these limited resources are used to best effect and that customer needs are met promptly. When this dispatching function is performed on paper by multiple people, mistakes that hurt […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM used by IT Help Desk for Case Management

Listen To This Blog Post – Audio MP3   When your organization is contacted - whether it’s by telephone, e-mail, or handwritten letter - and this is the type of activity which needs to be tracked, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has out of the box Customer Service functionality to manage these activities. Case Management is a […]

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