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Picture Your Success with Dashboards in CRM 2011

Get a bird’s eye view on your business every time you launch CRM on your desktop. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, you have the option to use standard dashboards or customize your dashboards with built-in tools  that establish common goals and business processes  leading to consistent reporting across an organization or within a specific department. […]

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The Benefits Reaped when Companies Switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM from

Having had the opportunity and pleasure of attending the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Event in Fargo, N.D. this past week, it really makes me so proud and excited about promoting the Microsoft Dynamics Platforms and the benefits of the products.  Sitting in my seat on the plane making my way back to Detroit, I had the chance […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM + Broadlook = The Perfect Match (Part 2)

In our earlier blog we wrote about Broadlook’s phenomenal Contact Capture tool. Now I’d like to tell you about Broadlook’s Profiler tool which I think is  even cooler than Contact Capture.  Broadlook’s Profiler will  mine data  information for you from the internet so you can ensure you have accurate company and contact information for your leads.  […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM + Broadlook = The Perfect Match

We recently began using a set of solutions in our internal Microsoft Dynamics CRM system that has just been phenomenal.  Since starting to utilize Broadlook’s Contact Capture, we no longer have to undergo mundane and time consuming data entry tasks to create new contact records into our Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.  Our sales and marketing […]

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Right on Time with Report Scheduling using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Organizations rely on accurate and timely information to make informed business decisions, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 includes a powerful reporting engine for report generation.  Traditionally, the generation of reports is the responsibility of a system user and they were run upon request or at a particular day, date, or time. How about a situation […]

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Getting Results: Driving Revenue and Serving Customers with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

When it comes to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, it is common knowledge that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the leading products on the market.  There are a multitude of reasons for this, from the benefits it offers to the rich functionality it provides as well as the backing of a worldwide technology vendor.  […]

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Your Forecast is Clear and Bright with Conditional Formatting in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook

Your Forecast is Clear and Bright with Conditional Formatting in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook   One of the best and latest features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook is the capability to apply conditional formatting to records in a view. Conditional formatting is available when using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 for Microsoft Office […]

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How to Keep Microsoft Dynamics CRM Free of Dirty Data

Often overlooked by marketing, sales, and membership staff, it is critical to keep your quantitative or “hard” data, clean and healthy. Hard data can be defined as the data your organization relies on for profiling, categorizing, and reporting on your customers, members, or constituents.  Your Dynamics CRM system is the means by which your users […]

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Restoring Client Trust and Securing a Lifetime of Loyalty with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Recently, I read “The Six Building Blocks of Customer Trust” by Peppers & Rogers Group, a customer-based business strategy think tank and management consulting firm. The article cites the “Edelman 2012 Trust Barometer, which found that only 53 percent of consumers around the globe find businesses trustworthy. Evidently, companies that do manage to build trusted […]

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CRM for Associations: A New Era in Member Engagement and Revenue Generation

Associations of all sizes are struggling to find new revenue streams and better connect with their members. In fact, many associations are looking beyond the traditional AMS (Association Membership Management) systems for sales, marketing, and service management and in favor of a “CRM for Associations” solution to centralize their marketing, lead, opportunity, and service management […]

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