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Are You IT MSP? – Read How to Improve the Way IT Managed Service Providers Manage Incidents (Cases) with Dynamics CRM?

Dynamics CRM’s Service module and more specifically the Case entity, is a great tool for managing incidents. But when it comes to IT Managed Service Providers (MSP), managing incidents is a complex process; the Case entity of CRM out-of-the-box does not provide the necessary functionality required by IT Managed Service Providers. Q-Service is a solution […]

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Make Your Business the Standard for Customer Service Excellence with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Customer service horror stories – I have them, you have them, and I’m pretty sure any other person you ask off the street has one. There are the never-ending calls on hold, the representatives who don’t have a clue about either the product you purchased or your order history, and the ever-present feeling that you’re […]

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Cases and Resolution Activities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Many CRM users use the Case entity in CRM 2011 to track issues. These issue range from customer complaints to tracking actual software development bugs.  The Case entity does a good job of allowing users to track a wide variety of issues and work on them  through resolution. What seems odd though is that when […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM used by IT Help Desk for Case Management

Listen To This Blog Post – Audio MP3   When your organization is contacted - whether it’s by telephone, e-mail, or handwritten letter - and this is the type of activity which needs to be tracked, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has out of the box Customer Service functionality to manage these activities. Case Management is a […]

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