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How the Right CRM System Helps Banks Identify Star Employees

How good are your team members at referring customers to other services offered by your bank to expand your “share of wallet”? With the right CRM system, you can run activity reports based on employees. You can see how many referrals they have attempted to make, if the prospects were qualified or not, and if […]

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The Universal Banker: Using CRM for Banks to Provide the Outstanding Service Customers Demand

While consumers are increasingly engaging with banks through mobile devices, that doesn’t mean the job of the teller is dying – far from it. Bank tellers are instead evolving into a role that is quickly adapting to better serve customers’ new expectations and demands: the universal banker. People enter brick-and-mortar bank locations because they need […]

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Overcome Declining Bank Branch Traffic and Exceed Client Expectations with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Today, retail bank and credit union customers spend less time in the branch than ever before. The lack of personal face to face interactions with the assigned account officer does make it difficult for bankers to guage the true satisfaction level of clients and to position themselves effectively to offer other appropriate financial solutions. Some may […]

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