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Crowe CRM for Banking – Know Your Customers and Grow Your Business

With a bank on every corner, and even in supermarkets, smart bankers are looking for ways to earn customers, increase revenue, scale down expenses, and remain competitive. Making wise use of technology is a good way to achieve these objectives. Microsoft Dynamics has long been at the forefront of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM […]

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Extending CRM for Banks to Regulatory and Government Affairs

From the ashes of the recent financial crisis rose a competitive banking environment with more sophisticated and demanding customers. Today's bank customer demands a seamless, multi-channel customer experience and meaningful interactions. Many banks have turned to CRM systems to provide a holistic customer view and streamline operations. Hitachi Solutions has a CRM for Banking solution […]

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Better Anticipate and Manage Bank Operational Risk with Customer Effective: Banking CRM

Across the nation, banks are aggressively evaluating and rolling out upgraded and consolidated technology systems in an effort to make their LOs, AEs, and RMs more effective and efficient. Due to the sluggish economy, mounting competition, increased compliance costs, and, more recently, declining mortgage origination and refinancing revenues caused by interest rates trending upwards, Banks […]

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Boost Mortgage Loan Volume in a Rising Rate Environment with Microsoft CRM

Just last week, mortgage rates experienced the biggest one week increase in 26 years. With rates at a two year high, it is safe to say that many mortgage lending divisions would welcome a “secret weapon” to maintain the previous uptick in applicant demand and enhance staff productivity. The Customer Effective: Banking CRM solution is […]

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Cement Your Status as the Premier Mortgage Banker in Your Community with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

With mortgage rates slowly creeping up, refinances recently declined to their lowest levels since November 2011. While rates are still near historical lows, Loan Officers may experience a decline in interested refinance applicants. Top Mortgage Bankers are able to uncover and originate mortgages regardless of the interest rate environment, though. These Mortgage Consultants are extremely […]

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Faced with Higher Costs, Banks Turn to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Along with a Starbucks, it is pretty much guaranteed that there are multiple bank branches on every corner in the metropolitan areas across the country. Depending on what part of the U.S. you’re in, the bank brands will differ, but it’s nearly impossible to not run into them in central business districts. A Wall Street […]

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Designing a Versatile CRM Solution for Financial Service Firms

The benefits of CRM software for financial service firms extend beyond sales and marketing support. These powerful solutions also help you manage your enterprise more effectively, offering flexible and versatile functionality which helps streamline business practices in addition to managing client and customer relationships. However, in order to maximize this versatility, CRM solutions for financial […]

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Identify Untapped Opportunities, Hidden Risks, and Shady Characters with Customer Effective: Banking

As the leading innovator in CRM solutions for financial institutions, Customer Effective offers the Customer Effective: Banking CRM platform, which is built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and caters to the distinct industry needs of Retail, Commercial, and Community Banks.  While many banks focused mainly on account transactions in the past, industry leaders are now adopting […]

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Education, Empowerment and Relationship: Keys to Happier Bank Customers with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Due to increasing accountholder disgust with fee increases, wavering client loyalty, eroding customer or member confidence, increased regulation, and tightened margins, banks and credit unions really have no choice but to enhance their overall banking experience. This premise is shared by the findings from the 2012 U.S. Retail Banking Satisfaction Study from J.D. Power and […]

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CRM for Banking and Customer Retention

In these challenging times, banks are faced with the need to strengthen their customer relationships and improve operational efficiencies. By gaining insight into customers’ profiles and behaviors and being able to share that data across the organization, banks are able to turn that customer insight into customer retention and with that the opportunities to better […]

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