Posts Tagged ‘crm document management’'s Logo Document Generation & Delivery with a Single Click

One-Click Actions (OCAs), one of the features of DocumentsCorePack allows you to define custom document actions aligned to your business processes and needs. One-Click Actions are predefined settings for the […]

Connecting Software's Logo Have You Heard About the New Dynamics 365 + SharePoint Document Management Suite?

If you have documents and attachments in Dynamics 365, you have probably realized Dynamics document management is not the best. Nonetheless, it is convenient to have the documents right there, […]

Connecting Software's Logo Microsoft Labs Attachment Management – Deprecation and Alternatives

  Microsoft has deprecated the Microsoft Labs Attachment Management solution in June 2021, leading many Dynamics 365 users to look for alternatives. What was the Microsoft Labs Attachment Management? The […]

Connecting Software's Logo Dynamics ♥ SharePoint &
SharePoint ♥ Blockchain

It was in 2014 that we found out how much Microsoft Dynamics loves SharePoint. This love story actually started back in 2011, when Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 native integration with […]

Experlogix's Logo Adding Value to Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Document Generation

Automation has always been a popular concept. Once a staple of science fiction lore, it’s now become part of modern daily lives. One example is office automation which began back […]

Dynamics Objects's Logo Upload CRM Documents to SharePoint - Store by Document Types

The procedures and policies of how an organization stores documents uploaded from CRM to SharePoint vary between companies. Actually, the two most important parameters in storing documents in SharePoint are […]

Dynamics Objects's Logo CRM Word Templates- Grouping Report Data

Information is often easier to understand when it is divided into groups. For example, price quotation that groups products as different options or account statement that groups invoices by month. […]

Dynamics Objects's Logo PDF CRM Word Template with External Sharing URL

More and more Dynamics CRM users are replacing the hard to design CRM Fetch XML Reports with Word based reports, merged with fields from CRM records. Whether you are using […]

Dynamics Objects's Logo Business Agreements & Contracts - The benefits of Dynamics CRM 365 and SharePoint Integration

Consider a transport company that offers clients delivery services to different addresses and prices that vary based on size, weight, and preferred method of delivery. Or a company that provides […]

Dynamics Objects's Logo Document Generation and Processing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365

Manage Documents across CRM and SharePoint platforms Most organizations want to present a corporate image when they communicate externally, so that all their communications are instantly recognized. The most common […]


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