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InfoGrow Corp's Logo How to Tell If Your Sales and Marketing System Is Working

The Monday after Thanksgiving is called Cyber Monday, and it’s perhaps the busiest on-line shopping day of the year. However, for me it is also a day when our phones […]

InfoGrow Corp's Logo Data Scientists for Big Data

Note: This blog is based on Thomas H. Davenport's book, Big Data: Dispelling the Myths, Uncovering the Opportunities, published in 2014 by the Harvard Business Review Press; Harvard Business School […]

Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd.'s Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Quality Management: An Ongoing Process

A lot of our customers engage us in some form of data cleansing when implementing Dynamics CRM. Why? Because a company is only as good as the data set that they […]

Catapult's Logo Keep it Simple with CRM to Increase Adoption and Improve Data Quality

Many organizations recognize the value of customer relationship management (CRM) software and understand, at a high-level, the benefits it can bring to an organization. Besides basic contact management functions, modern […]

Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd.'s Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the Contact Center: Maintaining Data Quality – Second in Series

Link to first blog in series How do Contact Centers avoid the creation of duplicate data in their Microsoft CRM System, particularly when they have multiple Agents entering data and […]

Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd.'s Logo Dynamics CRM in the Contact Center - Keeping Multiple Source System Data in Sync - First in Series

“Customer data integration (CDI) is receiving increased attention as companies realize that  basic CRM alone has failed to deliver the single view they expected, because of the numberof systems involved […]


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