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The Hidden Truth about CRM Data Import Files

There is no denying that when working with importable data in CRM, data integrity is of the highest importance. Microsoft has gone a long way to help make importable templates much more manageable and safe for end users.  They have added a number of user friendly measures, such as tool tips that tell you the […]

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Importing Contacts into Microsoft Dynamics CRM

There’s nothing worse than getting a new cell phone and finding out they can’t transfer your contacts from your old phone. Spending hours entering names, phone numbers, pictures, and addresses is not my idea of a good time. Now imagine that on a larger scale when you implement a new Customer Relationship Management software. Without […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Improves Data Import Wizard

Anyone who has experienced the import capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM prior to the latest release (2011) will undoubtedly agree that they were not only sub-par but for the most part extremely frustrating and almost unusable. With the latest release, the out of the box import wizard has been improved quite substantially, allowing the ability […]

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More Duplicate Data Cleanup for Importing to CRM: ROW_NUMBER

Jeff Trantham’s blog on this subject has inspired me to share my just about, all-time-favorite duplicate detection tool in SQL.  It’s the ROW_NUMBER() function and I like to consider it my first line of defense in preventing duplicates from winding their way into the CRM.  As Jeff mentioned, there are many tools in SQL to […]

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