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Chart Your Course to Success with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A key benefit of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is how easily and efficiently you can display data in charts and dashboards. A chart is a visual representation of filtered data, or a view. A dashboard is a collection of charts, giving users an at-a-glance snapshot of the key performance indicators they want to track. Much like a […]

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WebSan and MS Dynamics World Present “Maximize Dynamics CRM Right Out of the Box” Webinar

MS Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce   Sign up for a free CRM course! Download a FREE CRM Demo  WebSan and the leading global independent authority in covering the world of Microsoft Dynamics, MS Dynamics World, have joined together to offer a new Microsoft Dynamics CRM webinar. The free webinar will be held on Tuesday, October 6, […]

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Microsoft CRM Puts the SMAC Down: Social, Mobile, Analytical & Cloud Trends

As companies look for different ways to grow their businesses and offer their services. They should realize that cold calling and even calling to "check in"  is not cutting it anymore and customers are getting  tired of it. Same goes for the high pressure sales call, which puts people off and rarely works  anymore. It is […]

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Improve Client Relations with Case Management Strategies and your CRM Dashboard

What is Case Management and why do I need it?  Case Management refers to any type of project, transaction, service or client problem that has a beginning, an end, and some type of resolution. The key factors include the critical need for multiple people to access the same data, to track and capture all client […]

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Get Better Insights from Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Dashboards

Knowledge is power! Every individual, from frontline customer service reps to the highest level executive, becomes more efficient with the right insights. If you’d like to get better insights from your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, dashboards are a great place to start. Here are 5 resources that can help: Maximizing CRM Dashboarding and Reporting Capabilities […]

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