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Dynamics 365 – it’s not just for the sales team

When a company implements a CRM system such as Dynamics CRM, the first users are usually the sales team. This is logical as historically, CRM systems have focused on helping salespeople to track their leads and opportunities, and give sales managers better insight into the performance of the sales team. But with more modern CRM […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Demo: An Easy, On Demand Way to Try Before You Buy

Are you just beginning the process of researching CRM solutions for your business?  Are you not quite ready to reach out to vendors to request a formal demo or start a free trial?  If so, you’ll be excited to know that Microsoft now offers something called the Dynamics CRM test drive.  Find it here. This […]

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Systemize Personalization with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint

In real estate, the experts say the key to success is location, location, location.  And in business, especially today, it is personalization, personalization, personalization. Bottom line is, if you are not relevant to your customers and clients on an individualized and personalized basis, your competitor or new entrant into the market will be, either now […]

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Turn On The Light With Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Do you know what your sales and marketing teams are up to at the moment?  You may have had a hand in the most recent marketing campaign, but do you know whether it generated the results that you had anticipated?  Sometimes these activities leave you feeling a little in the dark.  Turn on the light […]

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How Customer-Centric (Really) is Your Organization?

Answer this question honestly.  Does your businesses and IT organization regularly evaluate if the business strategy and supporting technology systems are properly aligned to truly center around the best-interests of your customers and the overall customer experience?  If the answer is yes, congratulations, that is great - there is really no need to read on.  […]

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The Economy is Coming Back; Make Sure Your CRM Software is Ready

As our economy pulls out of its long recession, businesses are looking at their IT setup and finding that their systems are old and out of date. In particular, CRM software has suffered as companies have spent the past few years trying to make older systems work rather than upgrade. That thinking may have made […]

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Running a Quart Low on Customer Service? Change to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The other night I stopped into my local dealership to get my Jeep’s oil changed.  Since I’m a regular customer, I get a warm greeting from my favorite service manager and  he asks what I need done tonight.   Just a simple oil change I say.  He grabs his mobile device and we walk over to […]

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Build Better Relationships with Microsoft Dynamics Accelerators!

Microsoft offers downloadable, add-in accelerators that will add to your existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution and that serve specific business needs. These accelerators are available at no cost and show how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be configured and extended to broaden marketing, sales, and service capabilities. The eService accelerator is a self-service portal that delivers […]

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Unhappy Customers Speak Louder than Happy Ones: Keeping them Happy with CRM

It may be human nature, but the fact of the matter is that unhappy customers can’t wait to share their feelings. And in this day and age, it’s easier than ever for customers to share their experiences online. The many social media outlets and blogging sites available out there to your customers are a great avenue […]

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Put Business Intelligence at Each User’s Fingertips with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Do you sometimes feel as if you’re searching and searching for data that should be easy to find? When it comes to customer information, managers and customer service representatives should have quick and complete access that allows for productive work, right at their fingertips. Microsoft Dynamics® CRM allows you to achieve just that with enhanced analytics functionality. […]

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