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What can I do to Reduce my Dynamics 365 Storage Costs?

Sooner or later, all organizations reach the free storage limit of Dynamics 365. In this post, we will examine possible ways of dealing with the issue of running out of storage in Dynamics 365 in the cloud. We will take into account the cost and how easily we can implement it.   A common issue […]

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Cost of Implementing Microsoft CRM

Many factors go into deciding the right CRM solution – ability to meet business requirements, ease of use, adaptability with other technologies, etc. But whatever your criteria are, in the end all businesses want to know what it will cost to implement Microsoft CRM. To determine what it will cost for your organization, you first […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Upgrade, or Re-Implementation?

We recently had a Dynamics CRM client with a mature CRM 4.0 deployment move to a brand new start up. They needed to transition their entire on-premise CRM 4.0 setup over to Dynamics CRM 2011 online (complete with new reporting servers, new Active Directory (Office 365), etc.) They decided upon a re-implementation, based on what's […]

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Valued Customers vs. Volume Customers

At first glance, it may seem that having hundreds of customers is a good thing, but when it comes down to the bottom line, more isn’t always better.  Having customers is obviously critical, but you want good-customers, not bad-customers.  Telling the difference between the two isn’t always easy, but a customer relationship management (CRM) solution […]

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The ABCs of CRM: What You Should Know About Activity Based Costing

"The value of an idea lies in the using of it." Thomas A. Edison I love this quote.  Ideas abound, especially in this day and age with the speed of technology change, new communication mechanisms, etc.  But there is one idea that warrants more consideration in the CRM (customer relationship management) strategy world – Activity […]

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Planning Your CRM Investment for 2013 – A Sensible Cost Guide

If you are considering a new CRM solution for 2013, you’re not alone. According to a recent Forrester Wave™ research report, CRM adoption is on the rise for organizations of all sizes. The study found that 41 percent of the small and medium-sized businesses they surveyed had already implemented a CRM solution (a marketing, sales, […]

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3 Reasons Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Beats Oracle CRM

Now that more organizations understand how business agility will be critical to their success, many are looking for a good CRM system to improve sales, customer service, marketing, and other customer-related data. If you’re currently evaluating a CRM solution for your business, we’d like to help by pointing out a few differences between Oracle CRM […]

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Counting the Hidden Costs of

When businesses evaluate CRM solutions, many factors are considered from functionality to user adaptability. But regardless of the main reason for looking at a new solution, all business ultimately will look at the cost as well. When comparing Microsoft CRM Online to’s Enterprise version, the costs differences are staggering - $44 per month per […]

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Check out the New Big Easy 5.0 – Save Thousands on Your Purchase of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Big Easy is back! And if you think I’m talking about an 80’s movie starring Dennis Quaid, you are mistaken. Microsoft’s Big Easy Offer 5.0 can help you deploy a complete Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution while saving you thousands of dollars.  You can choose from a variety of popular Microsoft products and solutions while […]

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With So Many Different Options To Choose From To Make The Switch To Microsoft Dynamics CRM – What Are You Waiting For?

This blog includes multiple great posts on the differences between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and competitors in the market place, such as, Oracle On-Demand, etc.  At the end of the day, one of the biggest advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the Microsoft platform that the solution is developed on.  This allows organizations to take […]

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