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CongruentX's Logo Helping companies get Customer Relationship Management right!

Author: JC Quintana Just using the term “your CRM” sends chills down my spine. You have a love-hate relationship with what was supposed to be your strategy for managing customer relationships […]

CongruentX's Logo Get CRM Right, by Getting Expectations Right

By JC Quintanta I have been thinking a lot about “CRM” as I prepare to release the seventh (and surely not last) revision of my book Speaking Frankly About Customer Relationship […]

CongruentX's Logo PowerApps: Why is this a very important element for CRMs?

PowerApps has become the most intelligent approach to increase business efficiency, engage customers, manage projects, or accomplish anything in business. Businesses realize that it is no longer difficult to create software […]

CongruentX's Logo CRM IS BROKEN! Let’s fix it together.

Author JC Quintana I know where your mind went when you read the acronym “CRM”! Your noggin retrieved the name of the software, tool, or technology you use to manage sales […]


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