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FYI: CRM Anywhere for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2012 Delayed

In a previous post, we wrote about the new mobility capabilities planned for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2012 Update. To refresh your memory, the 2012 Update would be executed on the Dynamics team's “CRM Anywhere” strategy. The goal was to offer cross-browser access (Safari – Firefox – Chrome) for Dynamics CRM, as well as a native […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM on iPads, Smartphones, and Mobiles: Some of the Hidden Benefits

The next major update of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, called ‘CRM Anywhere’ is due out shortly (sometime in July 2012 – the actual date is still to be officially confirmed). One of the major enhancements included within this update is that the product will be accessible from different web browsers, not just Internet Explorer, and most […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM – “CRM Anywhere”, Q2 2012 Update Announced

Microsoft’s commitment to accelerated, new feature releases of Microsoft Dynamics CRM every six months is exciting and this “CRM Anywhere” release is a testament to their “more innovation available more frequently” strategy. We were impressed with the November 2011 Service Update (R7) but we wanted to call out some of the anticipated highlights for the […]

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