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Microsoft CRM and Hootsuite : A Dynamic Duo In Social Interaction

The new Microsoft Dynamics CRM update is coming with some exciting news – integration with the social media management system, Hootsuite. This new partnership will allow for enhanced brand management capabilities across multiple platforms. Hootsuite is a system that allows users access to all of their current social media platforms in one place, allowing for […]

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10 Social Listening Experts Discuss WOW Service in a Social Intelligence Guide for Customer Service

Anyone can say they offer 24/7 support and plenty of customer service representatives to take calls. From sales to troubleshooting, offering customer service is easy.  What is not so easy is actually anticipating what customers might need, reaching out to them through the best channels and at the right times. In the age of social […]

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Your Brand Sux – Tips for Engaging Customers Through Social Media

Ninety percent of consumers would recommend a brand after they interact with the brand's representatives on social media, according to a study by an Internet advertising bureau. Knowing that, just imagine the number of sales opportunities you miss when you fail to engage customers and potential customers via social media. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM team […]

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Social is for Closers: 3 Free SlideShares on Social Intelligence

Social media presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to freely market their companies and promote their services. Despite this open opportunity, many businesses still fail to capitalize on that social media gold mine. In many cases, it has nothing to do with desire. Many of them want to use social media and may have Facebook, […]

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Microsoft Announces InsideView, Part of Dynamics CRM Online Release To Enhance Social Experience

 To say social media has become important to the web may be a colossal understatement. One could argue it has become the web. Business is not immune to this trend, and the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 introduces a number of social media features that enhance customer experience and make it easier than […]

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