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Dynamics CRM integration with SharePoint- Can we do better- PART 2

The issues build into the out-of-box (OOB) CRM integration with SharePoint, are described in the post “Dynamics CRM integration with SharePoint- Can we do better" In this post I will describe how Dynamics SharePoint Organizer (SPO) offers better integration between SharePoint and CRM. Dynamics SPO trial version, can be downloaded here. Dynamics SPO has two […]

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Dynamics CRM integration with SharePoint- Can we do better?

SharePoint and Dynamics CRM are excellent two standalone products. Integrating Dynamics CRM with SharePoint is disappointing to say the least. It takes few clicks to integrate CRM and SharePoint, which creates folders in SharePoint, in the context of Dynamics CRM entities. Uploading documents from CRM to SharePoint is cumbersome process. It creates cluttered and unorganized […]

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Email to SharePoint 2 upload Documents

We are pleased to release Dynamics SPO- SharePoint Organizer. Dynamics SPO has two functions. In this post we describe the Email to SharePoint functionality. The other function is an improvement on the CRM out of box integration with SharePoint (Read more about: #CRMfromMarsSPfromVenus ) Consider an organization selling IT projects or any organization that needs […]

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#CRMfromMarsSPfromVenus Think BIG #MSDyn365 integrated with #SharePoint

Our campaign for “CRM is from Mars, SharePoint is from Venus”, promoting better integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, is just gaining momentum, with due to be released new amazing add-ons to CRM, to do just that. It makes sense managing documents in SharePoint using metadata retrieved from the related records in CRM.  Isn’t […]

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CRM is from Mars, SharePoint is from Venus

SharePoint and Dynamics CRM are excellent products from Microsoft. What happens when you integrate the two platforms? It reminds me the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, written by American author John Gray, and states that most relationship problems between men and women are a result of fundamental differences between the sexes, […]

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Business Agreements & Contracts – The benefits of Dynamics CRM 365 and SharePoint Integration

Consider a transport company that offers clients delivery services to different addresses and prices that vary based on size, weight, and preferred method of delivery. Or a company that provides IT support services committed to be delivered on predefined schedule. In both cases there is an agreement or service contract, a document that sets out […]

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Is It Worth Integrating SharePoint and Dynamics CRM?

Whether you’re using Dynamics CRM to manage a sales process, resolve customer issues or conduct marketing campaigns, you’ve probably seen how useful it can be to attach a document to a CRM record. It’s something you can do out-of-the-box with Dynamics CRM but it has some limitations – file size caps, total storage space, accessibility […]

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Microsoft SharePoint Takes Your Dynamics GP and CRM Integration to the Next Level

Many companies choose to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM and GP for improved business insight and control.  If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of connecting these two systems or start a free 30 day trial, take a look at my recent blog post, “Together Microsoft Dynamics CRM and GP Deliver Improved Insight and […]

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CRM Users Ask…“What Is SharePoint And Why Do I Need It?”

Microsoft SharePoint provides your business with the ability to: Share Collaborate Organize Manage You’ve probably heard of SharePoint but may not understand why you should pay attention to this dynamic technology. SharePoint will provide you with the ability to share information across work teams, projects, and departments. Gone are the days of sending the same […]

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How to Easily Manage Documents with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Integration

One Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 feature that can really improve productivity and streamline your business processes is its native integration with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. Many people have questions about exactly how this works and how it could help them.  So, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team released a helpful video demo that gives a quick […]

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