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When is $100,000 a bargain? When it completely transforms your higher education ERP.

The education space gets more competitive every year. Departments need to fill classes or they can fall dangerously short on funding. Institutions are increasingly relying on technology to help give them an edge. And now a tremendous edge has hit the market. Schools often invest tens of millions of dollars on educational ERP systems such […]

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Keep Client Contact Info in Microsoft CRM or ERP?

In theory, a company should rid itself of all “silos” of client information, and have everything stored in one central spot. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible. Sales and customer service will be using one set of tools while accounting is using another, meaning client information is often stored in at least those two spots. Add […]

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Microsoft SharePoint Takes Your Dynamics GP and CRM Integration to the Next Level

Many companies choose to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM and GP for improved business insight and control.  If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of connecting these two systems or start a free 30 day trial, take a look at my recent blog post, “Together Microsoft Dynamics CRM and GP Deliver Improved Insight and […]

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5 Ways Microsoft Dynamics CRM Works for Distributors

Whether you distribute goods to dealers, retailers, or directly to end consumers, maintaining customer loyalty and delivering on promises is critical for most manufacturing and distribution businesses. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are essential for all organizations, regardless of industry, but distribution companies have unique challenges. As a followup to our previous article outlining the […]

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5 Ways Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP Integration is Helping Project Managers

One of the brilliant things about the Microsoft Dynamics suite is the ability of each individual product to integrate with the others and pass critical data between the two without the need for duplication. In particular, integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the ERP products in the suite has really helped to change the way […]

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Connector for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM integration available now

I’m very pleased to see that the standard out of the box Connector for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available. The connector integrates Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 or 2011 with Microsoft Dynamics AX , Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The connector provides out of the box bi-directional integration between the […]

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