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Social Media Networks in Combination with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Create Marketing Power

Social Media Marketing is an effective and affordable way to reach your prospects. Adding this to the functionality of CRM creates optimal marketing power. According to Gartner, social CRM will be a $1 billion subsector of the CRM market by the end of this year. The various sites, blogs, and communities that comprise this arena represent […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Helps Not-For-Profit Organizations Do More With Less

With tight budgets and limited resources, not-for-profit organizations struggle on a daily basis for ways to do more with less.  Microsoft Dynamics solves this problem with the Not for Profit Accelerator. Often viewed as a sales tool, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides so much more, and is a platform for solutions such as these and provides […]

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Theme from WPC 2010 is “The Cloud”

I have just returned from the annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, and I am really excited about some of what I heard from the software giant.  The theme this year was “the cloud."  Software in the cloud, infrastructure in the cloud, mail in the cloud, private clouds, public clouds, partner clouds.  So what does this […]

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Free Features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM You Shouldn’t Forget About

Microsoft provides an ever growing list of “Accelerators” that enhance the functionality of Dynamics CRM and are available for download at no additional cost to Dynamics CRM 4.0 users. There are currently 13 Accelerators that help streamline functions in every area of the solution: from sales, to marketing, to support and beyond.

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Be Prepared To Serve Your Members In Times Of Crisis With Dynamics CRM

Membership organizations have the opportunity and responsibility to keep the lines of communication  with their members open through good times and bad.  The way you communicate with your members during a crisis – whether a snowstorm or an earthquake – can build stronger connections or leave your members feeling left out in the cold.  Can you […]

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Effectively Manage Your Social Networking Strategy with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Social Networking Accelerator

According to a March 2009 study by Nielson, social networks and blogs are now the 4th most popular online activity, ahead of personal email. In addition, time spent on social networking sites is growing 3x faster than the overall internet rate, now accounting for almost 10% of all internet time. While these statistics point out that business […]

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Increase Your Efficiency With The CRM 4.0 Notification Accelerator

This blog post is going to tell you HOW to use this Accelerator to increase your effectiveness in your utilization of Microsoft CRM 4.0.

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Hitting The Gas – Capitalizing On CRM Accelerators

One of the most widely heard comments about CRM systems is that they are supposed to be user-friendly and intuitive, but it doesn’t take long to discover that any functionality that is also friendly to your particular company can still require a formidable amount of time and effort spent on customization and coding.  This could also […]

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