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Microsoft CRM 2015 – Immersive Excel Experience?

With the release of Microsoft CRM 2015, Microsoft has produced a lot of material about the new features and functionality in this version. As has been discussed before, this upgrade is quite a bit different than other upgrades and as such there is a lot of material discussing the new features A rather neat feature […]

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Dynamics CRM 2015 for Manufacturers – What’s in it for You?

Apart from creating top quality products, manufacturers can gain a competitive edge by providing excellent customer support. Connecting departments via a centralized system is key to delivering a consistent customer experience that helps retain existing clients and discover new ones. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is highly relevant for manufacturers and delivers best in-class tools […]

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Manage SLA KPIs with CRM 2015

So you weren't scared away by the number of acronyms in the title...excellent! The introduction of Enhanced SLAs in CRM 2015 was a game-changing development for customer service managers. More than anything, Enhanced SLAs (as opposed to Standard SLAs) provided managers with a greater ability to monitor and report on critical SLA KPIs. That said, while charts and dashboards […]

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Get More Done in Less Time with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and Cortana

Because professionals are busier than ever these days, many of us are constantly searching for tools to help us multitask. If you can relate, there is one new feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 that you should know about: integration with Microsoft's digital personal assistant Cortana. First introduced on Microsoft's Xbox gaming system and included […]

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Demonstrating What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

CRM 2015 is here! If you’ve already updated to the new version or are planning to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM why not take a look at our demonstration to see what’s new? In a recent web presentation, our Technical Operations Manager, Ian Mennie demonstrated the latest CRM 2015 features and application enhancements for existing […]

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Dynamics CRM 2015 Rollup Fields and Calculated Fields

By Barkley Busby Vice President & Co-Founder, 2B Solutions In CRM 2015, there have been some significant investments in the way power users can build insights with the data stored in their CRM system without overwriting any code. To do this, two new features have been introduced:  Rollup Fields and Calculated Fields Rollup Fields Rollup […]

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