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Many Price Lists (discounts) in Single Quote Form

Today’s post is about the product grid in Quote entity, and having more than one price list in a quote. In CRM out-of-the-box, the quote form provides you the selection of one price list per quote. The assumption is that the client that the price quotation is prepared for is entitled to one set of […]

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Why Choose Microsoft CRM Over The Competition?

MS Dynamics CRM vs SalesforceSign up for a free CRM course!Download a FREE CRM Demo Businesses looking for a Hosted Dynamics CRM solution are driven by key needs that include: Integration with third party marketing automation software, a holistic view of each customer on the go, and a need to increase productivity without increasing costs. […]

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How Does One Best Evaluate / Justify a CRM System Investment?

Most software ROI calculations are built off of two tenets: sell more or cut cost. The problem that most organizations run into is that they have no solid numbers to address either; “sell how much more”, or “save how much time” are elusive concepts.   I suggest that there are three fundamental business objectives that […]

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XRM Vision merge with the Vendere Group

Earlier last week Montreal (Canada) based Vendere Group and XRM Vision announced that they are merging their CRM activities together to become Quebec’s leading firm dedicated solely to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. XRM Vision a Microsoft “Silver - Customer Relationship Management” recognized CRM consulting firm offers a one-stop shop for businesses and organisations who are striving towards […]

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Attention All Marketers: Dynamics CRM Just Set the New Standard!

As most everyone in the Dynamics community has heard Microsoft has recently unveiled its newest addition to the marketing capability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. At its core Microsoft Dynamics Marketing seeks to deliver powerful, integrated marketing management solutions that help bring businesses and the customers they serve closer together. The essence of Dynamics Marketing is […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Show Me the Demo! Register or Watch On-Demand

| By Barkley Busby Vice President and Co-Founder, 2B Solutions As a Microsoft partner, I'm excited to share a new online demo series:  "Microsoft Dynamics CRM Show Me the Demo!"  Each LIVE event is online and provides useful information along with a product demonstration and Q&A. The next scheduled event will be held on September […]

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New Elevator Contractor Software Enhancements for Dynamics CRM

We're excited to announce that FieldBoss has released a new elevator contractor software version. We have a lot of great new features in this release, including over 100 new elevator fields to be tracked as well as major improvements to real time margin visibility for work orders, maintenance contracts and projects, as well as significant […]

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CRM and ERP Are Better Together

Some things are just better together, and that is certainly the case when it comes to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). A CRM solution can help sales, marketing and service professionals close deals faster and serve customers better, while an ERP solution can manage financials, inventory and operations. But what happens […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Service Pack 1 Released

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 spring update codenamed “Leo” is wrapping up deployment worldwide. Online organizations will automatically have the updates applied that fix the 50+ items addressed in this spring 2014 release. However, In order to access the new customer service related features, organizations will need to “opt in” by having an administrator turn […]

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