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Hit the Ground Running in 2013 with a Big Sales Funnel

What’s the number one thing you can implement to ramp up your cash flow? Sales. What’s the number one factor that can sink your company? The lack of sales. So why wouldn’t you use the best technology available to manage your sales pipeline? Effective sales management for both existing clients and new prospects is the […]

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Taming The Disappearing Quote Syndrome with CRM Dashboards

Do you know what happens to your company’s quotes once they leave the office? When to follow up?  What date was that quote sent out anyway? Does this sound familiar? You suddenly remember that quote you sent to x-customer.  In your mind, you’re thinking it was sent last week. After frantically searching through your computer […]

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Manage Your Sales Follow-Up & Follow-Through Effectively with CRM Dashboards

Do you want more business?  If your answer is “yes” then you need a way to stay on top of the sales leads you already have in place.  Yet, if you’re like most businesses, you invest more time and money developing new leads instead.  Why?  Because you don’t have an effective way of managing your […]

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2013 Business Productivity Planning

It’s time to leverage your technology budget more effectively. Technology today offers businesses of all sizes a wide range of tools to better organize and manage their business. These tools provide a competitive advantage to those businesses that actively implement and utilize them properly. The challenge is - many businesses do not clearly understand what […]

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CRM Dashboards…the “One Stop Shop” for Your Entire Workday

CRM Dashboards provide you with a snapshot of the data that is important to you…all in one place.  From there – you can drill into your data to get more information about: Your Sales Pipeline Sales Activity Lead Management Customer Issues General Tasks Click this video link to learn more about Using CRM Dashboards within […]

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Making 3-Dimensional Charts in Dynamics CRM

With CRM 2011, dashboards and charts can be made on any entity, within minutes, to help you visually see what you want to see.  Do you want to improve the visual look even more by making your CRM Charts look like this? It’s so easy a non-techy person can do it! This process works for the existing […]

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CRM 2011 Dashboard: Sorting a Chart On the Aggregate Value

The other day I created a basic chart in CRM 2011 which showed the total portfolio value for each portfolio manager. The result was here (redacted): As you can see, the values were all over the place, so naturally I wanted to sort it from highest to lowest.  Fortunately it was a quick matter of […]

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Take Control of Your CRM 2011 Dashboard With the Report Control

The more I see and work with the CRM 2011 Dashboards, the more I like them.  One thing that I was curious about with the first release was how to embed an SSRS report into a Dashboard, and of course our good friends on the Microsoft CRM Team had an answer for that here.    I’ve always […]

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Learn How to Create Your Own Dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011!

In previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, dashboards have been made possible through the creation of custom SRS reports made accessible straight from the Main Form's Navigation bar. We could even tailor things with a little bit of javascript so that only certain sets of eyes could view the metrics, making it a handy tool […]

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