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iQuoteXpress's Logo The missing piece of the D365 pie

To be fair, it’s not technically missing: there are options for making sales proposals in Dynamics without adding a dedicated app. Just like there are options for making pie: apple, […]

iQuoteXpress's Logo A key component in any D365 sales enablement/BI/B2B2C strategy

If you're using Dynamics 365 Sales, you're also hopefully using a CPQ (configure, price, quote) solution therein (single sign-on, ideally, like this CPQ for Dynamics). More importantly, you are using […]

iQuoteXpress's Logo Sales quotes in Dynamics: magic in, garbage out?

Everyone knows that if you put garbage leads or info into your CRM, you’ll have garbage on the back end, too. What about if you put magic in, though? Shouldn’t […]

iQuoteXpress's Logo What beats a 360-degree view of each customer? A 360-degree view of each sale.

A big promise of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a “360-degree view of your customers,” and that’s great: who could disagree? And if you’re in sales, perhaps the most important part […]

DealHub's Logo How to Accelerate Your Time-to-Revenue Inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Through the COVID crisis, growth in the SaaS sector continued to hold steady. Indeed, the pandemic shines a spotlight on the need for digital transformation in sales, revenue operations, and […]

iQuoteXpress's Logo Turn D365 into a Customer Relationship MAXIMIZING Solution

What do we really want out of customer relationships? Yes, we all want to ensure customer satisfaction. Yes, we all want to keep customers engaged with our brand and products. […]

DealHub's Logo Effective Guided Selling for Remote Sales Teams Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

In the current economic climate, you may be evaluating your sales processes to uncover areas that could be streamlined for greater efficiency and better results. Now is the prime opportunity […]

iQuoteXpress's Logo Sales secrets buried in Dynamics

Sales, as the inimitable Alec Baldwin said in Glengarry Glen Ross, is a tough racket. It’s about finding the right customers, and finding them before the competition does. And the […]

DealHub's Logo Efficiency and Productivity are Keys to Sales Operations Improvement in 2020

Did you hit your sales targets in 2019? If you did, congratulations!  If you didn’t, you are probably looking back at what went wrong and searching for opportunities to do […]

DealHub's Logo How to Simplify Sales Orders in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Salespeople face a frustrating hurdle in the sales process - manually creating sales orders. Sales reps work hard to establish a relationship and trust with a potential customer and learn […]


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