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CRM: How Much Will It Cost?

If you are researching CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software solutions for your business, no doubt Microsoft Dynamics CRM is on your short list. Of course you are concerned about functionality, compatibility and ease of use, but a major concern, especially for a small to midsize or startup business has got to be the cost. Just […]

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Is Dynamics CRM a Capital Expense or Operating Expense?

There are many ways to compare the pros and cons of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online vs On-Premise. Tax ramifications are not usually considered, but they should be. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is a monthly subscription cost. This is an operating expense. Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise is a large upfront cost with a small annual maintenance […]

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As Times Change, Take Another Look at Dynamics CRM Pricing

Wisdom sometimes finds a way to make worn-out phrases suddenly ring true. Depending on how long you’ve been walking around on this Earth, this one may or may not get a nod in agreement -- “The only constant is change.” It’s so true it’s repeated to the point of overuse, and yet, so many people […]

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Dynamics CRM 2013 Frequently Asked Questions Update #4 (CRM Online Pricing)

Since early July I’ve been writing a series of blogs on the changes coming with the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. If you missed any of the previous four posts and would like to catch up, please use the links found at the end of this post. As far as today’s discussion goes, I’d […]

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Get Ahead of the Curve in 2012: ReadySetGO for Do It Yourself Deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In the first part of this blog, we shared five tips to help minimize CRM implementation issues and you can do it yourself by taking advantage of ReadySetGO for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM. Our ReadySetGO for Microsoft Dynamics CRM keeps implementations simple, costs manageable and reduces the risk of a failed implementation. This is basically a […]

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Cost Comparison Tool: Dynamics CRM Online vs Oracle CRM vs. SalesForce

The trade off we have to grudgingly accept with the world is that you get what you pay for. According to that, it’d stand to reason that CRM software with a lower price would have a smaller feature set, right? As much as it may defy conventional wisdom, Microsoft Dynamics CRM completely bucks this trend […]

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Pricing Tool to Compare the Cost of Dynamics CRM Online vs. vs. Oracle CRM OnDemand

If you have ever bought a new car or a new construction home you know that the price on the sticker is usually not the price you actually pay when you walk out the door. The reason? Add on features. All the little extra’s that you need, but did not realize were not part of […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Pricing? What Is The Price For Dynamics CRM Online?

If you are considering purchasing Microsoft Dynamics CRM you need to compare it to the cost of other CRM systems like, NetSuite, or Siebel Systmems. Typically Microsoft's total cost of ownership is at least 30% lower than other CRM software systems. The CRM Software Blog has recently released a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Quick Cost […]

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