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One of the toughest challenges facing many organizations and businesses considering Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is knowing how much to budget for a system. It can be difficult to gauge because of the variables involved.  License costs, maintenance fees, installation costs, and service costs all play a role in the total budget number. Happily, …

How Much Should I Budget for the Cost of Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Read More »

Unless you’re a hermit and you don’t have a TV or a radio, you’re probably quite familiar with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Perhaps you’re not as familiar with the Movember movement, but you can click on it and our friends at Wikipedia will tell you all about this worthy cause that has also become a … vs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Don’t Get Forced! Read More »

Since early July I’ve been writing a series of blogs on the changes coming with the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. If you missed any of the previous four posts and would like to catch up, please use the links found at the end of this post. As far as today’s discussion goes, I’d …

Dynamics CRM 2013 Frequently Asked Questions Update #4 (CRM Online Pricing) Read More »

The software market offers a range of hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of CRM offerings designed for different types of organizations. There are generalized CRM systems as well as CRM systems that are specifically tailored to certain business sectors. But in the end, how do you know which CRM system will work best for you? Because of …

Weeding Through the Thousands of CRM Offerings…Which One is Right for You? Read More »

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