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JourneyTEAM 's Logo Introducing the First Solution from Project Cortex: SharePoint Syntex

Think about how many documents are stored in your CRM system. There’s at least thousands, if not millions, of forms, papers, policies, and reports stored in there. And chances are, […]

JOVACO Solutions's Logo 5 étapes pour automatiser le marketing dans votre entreprise

Il y a eu beaucoup de discussions sur l’automatisation du marketing au cours des dernières années. Avec Microsoft Dynamics Marketing intégré au système Dynamics CRM, les équipes de marketing et […]

JOVACO Solutions's Logo 5 Steps to Starting a Marketing Automation Practice Within Your Organization

There has been a lot of talk about marketing automation in recent years, and with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing now integrated to the Dynamics CRM system, both the marketing and the […]


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