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ClickDimensions's Logo Personas and Segmentation: Content Marketing Success with Dynamics CRM

In marketing terms, a persona is a fictional person that represents your ideal buyer. At what size company does he work? Where does she live? What type of software does […]

Intelligent Technologies, Inc. 's Logo Improve Your Marketing in 2015 with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics Marketing

In today's increasingly connected world, a marketer’s job is never done. Gone are the days when campaigns had a finite beginning and ending date. Now, with content marketing we must […]

InfoGrow Corp's Logo Don't Over-Communicate with Marketing Automation

Managing marketing campaigns, building templates and landing pages, tracking results, and reviewing website visits can be a bit overwhelming. With hundreds or thousands of leads to manage, how do you […]

SalesFUSION 's Logo A Lead Scoring Primer...The Precursor to Good Lead Management Process

When your company is ready to dip its toe into the lead management/marketing automation realm, one of the key decision points you will reach is "do we implement an automated […]


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