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CAL Business Solutions, Inc.'s Logo Insiders Predict New Microsoft Dynamics CRM Could Launch Fall 2013

CRM customer needs are changing, and CRM software needs to adapt to those changes. This means a new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is likely coming soon, according to […]

P2 Automation, LLC's Logo Losing Track of Customer Issues? We’re on the Case.

Driving to work today, you remember that you have to contact your customer, Mike.  You arrive at your desk and frantically look through all of your papers for the notes […]

CAL Business Solutions, Inc.'s Logo 5 Ways eCommerce is Changing, and How CRM Software Can Help

As it becomes increasingly inconvenient and costly for consumers to shop in the store, more and more of them are turning to online stores to make their purchases. Unfortunately for […]

P2 Automation, LLC's Logo Why we LOVE ClickDimensions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Reason #2: Email Events

ClickDimensions does a fabulous job of helping us get our message out to our clients, but how do we know if our emails are getting read?  The answer is a […]

CAL Business Solutions, Inc.'s Logo Top 10 Questions About the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics – How to Integrate Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM Software

The Connector for Microsoft Dynamics (previously known as “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics GP”) provides flexible integration between Microsoft Dynamics ERP products and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The tool […]

CAL Business Solutions, Inc.'s Logo 9 Things I Liked In My SalesFusion Demo for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

At my company we have all kinds of good marketing info scattered around in different systems. I often wish it was all in one place where everyone could see it […]

CAL Business Solutions, Inc.'s Logo Can You Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM on the iPad?

According to an email I received today from a company called Axonom  the answer is yes – you can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM on the iPad.  I admit that I […]

CAL Business Solutions, Inc.'s Logo What is Your Customer Retention Policy? Microsoft Dynamics CRM Can Be the Answer

With all the talk about xRM and the almost unlimited things that today’s CRM systems can do, sometimes we can lose sight of how CRM software can help us with […]

CAL Business Solutions, Inc.'s Logo How To Connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 to Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 is finally here!  This means Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP customers can have a completely integrated front office to […]


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