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Infographic: 7 Ways Sales and Marketing Teams Can Work Better Together

  7 Ways Sales and Marketing Work Better Together   There’s no doubt in my mind that when sales and marketing work together, the results are better. And we happen to have this cool and concise infographic that lists 7 ways togetherness can achieve results. In fact, the infographic is SO concise that if I […]

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The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Productivity Suite Comes to Cambridge, MA

If you’re not familiar with the Microsoft Productivity Suite, it’s an integrated solution for sales and marketing. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the Suite includes 4 additional components – Office 365, Power BI, SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. Wherever you may reside, if you want to read about how these interoperable components result in greater […]

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How to Tell If Your Sales and Marketing System Is Working

The Monday after Thanksgiving is called Cyber Monday, and it’s perhaps the busiest on-line shopping day of the year. However, for me it is also a day when our phones start ringing off the hook with an all too familiar prospective client lament. The message – can you help us pull together our data for […]

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Plan for Sales Revenue Growth

It's that time of year again... The smell of fall, football, apple cider, Halloween and next year’s planning.  Yes, it’s that time of year again, and for many of us entering the 4th quarter of the year it is a time to ponder two critical questions: 1) Are we achieving the sales results that we […]

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It’s Not Who You Know, It’s About Who You Satisfy

Sure you have a long list of customers that you provide services to each year.  That is not the extent of your business relationships though.  You need to keep the attention of your customers with quality products, in addition to clever marketing and advertising, and personalized customer service.  When it comes to long-term relationships and […]

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