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Where Would You Like to See Microsoft Dynamics CRM Go Next?

We have seen CRM come a long way since its initial inception. Every step of the way has brought us one step closer to having the "perfect" customer relationship management system. Now in the cloud, the possibilities of CRM are endless. Where would you like to see CRM go next? For more information, contact Logan […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cloud Hosting in Canada

Cloud hosting has been all the rage these past few years and for good reason. It carries many advantages in this global and mobile world we live in today; people want access to their data whenever they want it and wherever they are. The question many are starting to ask though, is where does the […]

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Microsoft CRM Puts the SMAC Down: Social, Mobile, Analytical & Cloud Trends

As companies look for different ways to grow their businesses and offer their services. They should realize that cold calling and even calling to "check in"  is not cutting it anymore and customers are getting  tired of it. Same goes for the high pressure sales call, which puts people off and rarely works  anymore. It is […]

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Cloud Hosting: Pros and Cons of Moving Your CRM to the Cloud

CRM in the cloud – is it for your business? With 47% of companies surveyed by Gartner planning on moving their core systems to the cloud in the next 5 years, you may be wondering if this is something you should hop on before you miss the bus. Truthfully, the hot buzz around cloud computing is […]

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Increase Your Productivity with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365: Here’s How

If yours is like many businesses, you’re always looking for new ways to increase productivity while consistently delighting customers.  Have you considered pairing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (cloud based Customer Relationship Management software) with Office 365 (the cloud version of Microsoft’s business productivity suite)?  This powerful pair of services takes your productivity to a whole […]

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Benefits of Moving Your CRM and More to the Cloud

The idea of cloud computing is one that has gotten a great deal of attention over the last year or two.  As businesses adopt it, they’re learning there are many benefits of switching from traditional on premise solutions to cloud based ones.  According to a survey conducted by the Harvard Business Review, in general, some […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Office 365: A Match Made in the Cloud

Deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in tandem with the cloud based version of the Microsoft Office productivity suite gives your Marketing, Sales and Customer Service employees the powerful tools they need to engage with customers and meet their goals.  Both these Microsoft cloud services are: Easy to adopt—Both Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online […]

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6 Rules for CRM User Adoption

Listen To This Blog Post – Audio MP3  Forthwith, my six rules for CRM user adoption. The general points are valid for any customer relationship management system; most of the examples and links are about Dynamics CRM specific implementation details. 1.     Define Everybody agrees user adoption is a good thing, but nobody knows what it […]

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Will Cloud-Only CRM Software Be Right For You When Your Business Needs Change?

With so much hype over “the cloud”, many business owners, executives, team leaders, and IT professionals are beginning to wonder if they may be ready to move to the cloud. It is a common question, but it may not be the right one to task. The parameters of the cloud are fixed and clear. If […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Launches in the UK – with Discounted Pricing

Microsoft’s cloud version of its leading CRM solution, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online was launched in the UK and many other countries for the first time on 17th January 2011. Along with a host of new features, enhancements and developments, the price of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is starting out at a discounted rate of only £22.75 per user per month

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